Asset Finance & Leasing in One Streamlined Solution.

nCino Asset Finance & Leasing

One Platform for Customer-Centric Success

Close deals quickly with a summarized view of all assets
Gain full visibility into the lease or loan participants
Automate workflow and credit approvals
Increase digital engagement with customers and third parties
Streamline compliance and audit requirements

When using nCino for asset finance and leasing, financial institutions and finance companies can monitor the entire lease or loan from sales through origination via one single, secure platform. Additionally, customers gain transparency into their lease or loan status, as well as easily correspond with their institution or finance company by uploading required documentation (e.g., lease agreements or guarantees). Through nCino, the entire lease or finance relationship, including asset management, document collection and underwriting, can be managed in a completely paperless, digital environment, resulting in lower operating costs and higher deal volume.

nCino: At the Center of Asset Finance & Leasing

Document Management

Experience the seamless workflow of document preparation, e-signature and a centralized electronic document filing cabinet all on one platform.

Asset Management

Provides the ability to manage all asset details from one single view and share common data points across each asset.


Syndicate 100 percent of an equipment lease or loan, or only a part of it using a participation agreement.

Credit Analysis

A suite of tools to designed to reduce the overall turnaround time for credit delivery and improve credit and risk assessments.

Loan Origination System

An embedded, best-in-class loan origination system designed to streamline loan processing and reduce time to approval.

Total Exposure

Used to monitor any increases in exposure to ensure the limit has not been met, thereby better managing risk.

Auto Decisioning

Automated pre-qualifications and credit approvals based on an institution's policies.

Quoting and Pricing Integration

With a variety of integration options, lessors can efficiently and accurately price equipment leases and loans from right within the nCino platform.

Multicurrency and Multilingual Support

The platform provides for the ability to convert into multiple currencies. nCino can also be used in different languages based on locale.

Customer & Third-Party Engagement

Lessors, lessees and third parties have full visibility into the status of the agreement. Customers can also access the Online Application to view eligible products.

"nCino's platform can help banks boost productivity and remove pinch points, while ensuring regulatory compliance. The platform provides bank staff with the sort of user-friendly system they expect from a 21st century financial institution."
Matthew Heaslip, Associate Consultant, FST Team, Ovum

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