Enhance CRE Lending with Automation and Data-Driven Insights

nCino's CRE Lending Solution provides financial institutions with the efficiency, data insights, and transparency you need across the CRE loan lifecycle.  

  • Optimize operations with automation and streamlined workflows to create a single, connected, and efficient user experience. 

  • Increase transparency and collaboration across your teams to effectively originate and monitor CRE loans.  

  • Centralize data, improve data control and integrity, and increase data visualization for more informed decision making.   

  • Accurately forecast revenue, perform sensitivity analysis, and mitigate risk with a 360-view of CRE portfolios.   

On-Platform CRE Workflow and Framework

Provide a CRE experience that brings value to your teams from origination to monitoring.

Single Platform
Sensitivity Analysis & NOI Statement
Rent Roll
Financial Projections + Reports & Dashboards

Increase Collaboration & Mitigate Risk

nCino's CRE Lending Solution provides financial institutions with the tools necessary to easily capture and centralize loan details, increase collaboration, and mitigate risk across the CRE loan lifecycle.   

  • Create net operating income statements to calculate future profits, customizable ratios, and cash flow.  

  • Perform single and multi-variable sensitivity analysis to stress test vacancy and interest rates.  

  • Easily monitor loan portfolios and performance to act faster and mitigate defaults.  

  • Create custom reports and dashboards for valuable, data-driven insights.  

  • Access a customizable property list of tenants, lease terms, concentrations, and rollovers.  

  • Gain a detailed, holistic view of all real estate collateral.

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