Optimized for Success.

nCino’s Small Business Banking Solution gives your financial institution the flexibility and scalability to meet the unique needs of each small business, no matter their size, revenue, maturity, sector, or preferences.

  • Optimize workflow and staffing

  • Enhance the relationship between the banker and their customer

  • Deliver personalized service to small businesses

  • Scaled automation to fit each SMB’s unique needs

Every business is different.

From fast, innovative online solutions to in-person interactions, your institution must provide services that meet small businesses at every moment of their journey. That's where we come in.

Discover our flexible, scalable workflow.
Turn loan transactions into long-term relationships, cross-sell more intelligently, and build a stronger deposit base.

on average more small business loans and lent 100% more dollars to small businesses during COVID

Uncover a variety of ways to determine credit-worthiness.

" At National Bank, we are constantly improving our service offerings to help companies achieve their goals and realize their ideas. This is why we are pleased to collaborate with Accenture and nCino to offer a solution that improves the customer financing experience while simplifying the lives of our employees. "

Mario Desautels

Senior Vice-President – Strategy at National Bank of Canada

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Small Business Banking Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

nCino’s Small Business Banking Solution provides a personalized experience for every small business need. From a first-time business owner to a seasoned pro, nCino goes where SMBs grow.

A wants in a dark hoodie sits at a table as she works on her laptop in her studio.

SBA Lending

nCino's SBA Lending empowers small businesses with government-backed loans, providing the necessary capital to fuel growth and achieve success.

Discover SBA Lending

Explore Our Dodd-Frank 1071 Resources

Compliance regulations change rapidly, which can make staying up to date a challenge for financial institutions. Review the new Dodd-Frank 1071 ruling and explore our resources to ensure your institution navigates the new regulations successfully.

A woman, Amy Doll, with long blond hair in a dress coat and collared blue shirt smiles at the camera.

We want to provide the best banking journey for our small business clients. With nCino, we were able to bring ease and clarity of processes into that journey.

Amy Doll

Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Banking & Lending Officer at PeoplesBank

PeoplesBank Spotlight

This spotlight highlights Amy Doll, SVP and Chief Commercial Banking & Lending Officer at PeoplesBank, who shares how the community bank transformed its small business lending processes and achieved real results with nCino.

Download the PeoplesBank Spotlight

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