Get all employees and customers on the same page.

With nCino’s Document Manager, employees can effortlessly keep track of all current and future documentation associated with onboarding, relationships, treasury services, loans, renewals, covenant requirements, audits, and complex deal tracking through Document Manager’s standardized naming and indexing. 

  • Reduce compliance risk with virtual time and date stamps that record all document activity. 

  • Increase organizational transparency and increase efficiency. 

  • Empower customers through self-serve document upload and status updates.  

Seamlessly repurpose documents across the entire customer relationship for maximum efficiency.

Never ask a customer to upload the same document twice. Using Document Manager, institutions can share applicable files across multiple lines of business, saving time and effort for employees and their customers.

Foster a culture of collaboration and transparency
Improve document management and collateral tracking capabilities
Reduce document exceptions

Our level of Loan Document Exceptions dropped from 11% of outstanding loans to under 4% in less than 60 days as a result of using Document Manager.

Jonathan Krieps

COO, North State Bank

The Doc Man functionality has allowed us to eliminate, for the retail channel, the electronic management tool we were previously using.

Dustin DeBusk

Head of Credit Management, American AgCredit

Delight users with a centralized virtual filing cabinet

nCino's patented Document Manager is a configurable, integrated, and secure content management system, which incorporates an institution's policies, processes, and document requirements. Access to documents is permission-based, so employees can access what they need when they need it through one central location. Document Manager eliminates the need for paper files and allows financial institutions to achieve a 100% electronic loan file process.

  • Create instant access to documents and find any document quickly and easily. 

  • Upload and reuse documents across multiple lines of business, reducing friction. 

  • Reduce compliance risk through clear document tracking. 

  • Eliminate costly, inefficient, and duplicative paper files. 

  • Easily uphold consistent, permission-based document management processes. 

Texas Farm Credit Logo

DocMan has saved us so much time; now we can just drag and drop documents into the placeholders.

Elizabeth Moore

Senior Loan Administrator, Texas Farm Credit

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