Maximize profitability with Intelligent Pricing

With Commercial Pricing and Profitability, pricing policy is set, managed, and centrally administered within the back office. At the same time, commercial bankers receive the information they need to negotiate and win deals at the moment they need it, in the system where they already work. 

  • Provides insights into loan and relationship profitability.  

  • Ensures conformity with the institution’s policies and financial targets.  

  • Provides fast, competitive rates in real-time, enhancing the client experience.  

  • Enables the intelligent pricing of loans to optimize profitability.  

  • Supports pricing and negotiation at every relevant point throughout the commercial deal lifecycle. 

Maximizes profitability with speed and confidence

Price with confidence and capitalize on business development opportunities with optimized profitability and real-time insights delivered directly to users within the nCino Cloud Banking Platform.

Leverage the power of nIQ

To calculate and deliver pricing and profitability insights

Eliminate disparate processes

Reduce reliance on emails and siloed systems with a single-platform experience

Simplify vendor management

Reduce technical debt and consolidate your tech stack

Increase agility

To set, execute, and scale pricing strategy across your organization

Gain Greater Visibility for Growth

With nCino’s Commercial Pricing and Profitability, institutions can gain greater visibility into relationship profitability through insightful dashboards, enabling portfolio and institutional growth.

  • Connects data and intelligence in a single platform to drive strategy and execution.  

  • Helps users easily identify areas of focus to maximize their time and build profitable client relationships. 

  • Increases visibility into relationship profitability by portfolio, region, user group, user, product, and term.  

Price Quickly and Confidently

With Commercial Pricing and Profitability’s Quick Price tool, users can immediately provide a price to customers and prospects that aligns with the institution’s targets and policies.

  • Allows users to price a loan without creating a loan record.  

  • Provides an indicative price in real time.  

  • Accessible anywhere within nCino’s Commercial Loan Origination System.  

See a Demo

See nCino in action and learn how the pioneer in cloud banking can help transform your financial institution.

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