Bank Operating System® Solutions

nCino's Bank Operating System facilitates a seamless interaction between employees and customers that works effortlessly across business lines and departments, providing bankers with a single, efficient way to digitally operate their institution.
Commercial Banking Solution
Customers expect a high level of personal service across their financial institution, yet many institutions struggle to keep up. Multiple business lines engage with the same customer using disparate technologies that don't communicate or integrate, leading to duplicate data entry and inefficient processes. nCino's Commercial Banking Solution drives intelligent automation into every corner of the financial institution. Through a single platform, institutions have the power to manage all aspects of the commercial banking process from onboarding to account opening, to loan origination and approval. Financial institutions can use nCino for a variety of commercial loans, such as C&I, CRE, Agriculture, etc. From start to finish, nCino makes it easy for institutions to provide the level of personal service customers expect while generating more loans, reducing costs and ultimately driving more revenue for the bank.
Small Business Banking Solution
Small businesses are a fundamental part of the U.S. economy. While the ability to borrow capital is essential to the growth of these businesses, small business loans often take the same amount of time to originate and maintain as complex commercial loans do. Small businesses also expect a high-tech, digital banking experience. nCino's Small Business Banking Solution enables financial institutions to leverage technology to overcome the challenges of serving small businesses. With a single, secure, cloud-based platform, nCino unites key steps in the onboarding, account opening and lending process from online application through underwriting and automated decisioning, document preparation, closing and e-signature. Institutions can mitigate risk, reduce time to fund (from weeks to days, hours and minutes) and create an exceptional customer experience leading to lasting and profitable relationships.
Retail Banking Solution
The regulatory environment, financial service channels and customer behaviors and expectations are continually evolving. nCino's Retail Banking Solution digitally transforms retail banking to improve how financial institutions interact with and serve retail and small business customers. nCino provides institutions with an intelligent, mobile-enabled platform that combines account opening, retail loan origination and analytics. nCino empowers bankers to engage with their customers anytime, anywhere and helps institutions monitor metrics, set goals and analyze customer behavior across the entire retail portfolio. Through an intelligent and powerful cloud-based solution that optimizes business processes, institutions and their customers interact on the same platform. Institutions can quickly respond to opportunities and regulatory changes as well as increase wallet share.
Portfolio Analytics
Financial Institutions (FIs) operate within a complex, competitive and compliance-driven environment where making timely and data driven decisions are key for both efficient growth and effective risk management. nCino's Portfolio Analytics Solution – a comprehensive warehousing, analytics and reporting suite – helps FIs avoid the headache of gathering, verifying and analyzing data from multiple, disparate sources. With nCino, FIs can establish baseline performance metrics across applications, deposits and loans, and set goals to achieve the growth and compliance desired. This true, lifecycle analytics platform enables managers to better assess today's risks to ensure tomorrow's success.
Treasury Management Sales & Onboarding Solution
In today's transaction banking environment, differentiation in treasury management product and service delivery is a key factor in delivering value. Treasury Management services offer financial institutions an opportunity to serve the entire commercial relationship and increase non-interest income. By streamlining the treasury process through automation, institutions can effectively engage the customer and gain a competitive advantage. nCino's Treasury Management Sales and Onboarding Solution leverages technology to reduce manual tasks and provide visibility to every stakeholder at each stage of the treasury process. From the initial sale through implementation and maintenance, the solution increases customer satisfaction and enables institutions to exceed their complex commercial transaction goals.
Customer Engagement Solution
In the past, banks interacted with customers and prospects in a limited number of ways. However, in today's fast-paced, digitally-connected world, banks must be prepared to interact with anyone, anywhere and at any time. nCino's Customer Engagement Solution enables financial institutions to exceed customer expectations, build stronger relationships and deliver a customer-centric digital experience through a single platform. Customers can access a state-of-the-art portal that gives them a digital channel to apply for products and services, a 24/7 gateway to information regarding the status of their loans and the ability to easily upload required documentation and fund accounts. nCino marries innovative technology with powerful capabilities, allowing financial institutions to successfully engage with customers in a way that is seamless, modern and transparent.
Asset Finance & Leasing Solution
In the asset finance and leasing landscape, accurately delivering a competitive offering to foster customer trust and efficient business operations is essential to success. System reduction and, therefore, increased speed is paramount to provide a satisfying, customer-centric experience while streamlining the lessor's workflow. With nCino's Asset Finance and Leasing Solution, lessors can rapidly originate deals, manage underwriting tasks and collaborate with team members without leaving the nCino Bank Operating System, benefiting all parties.