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Why Judo Bank Values Their Partnership with nCino


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Tim Alexander is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer at Judo Bank, Australia’s first fully licensed challenger bank dedicated to lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). After seeing nCino’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific market and building relationships with their customers, Tim and Judo Bank knew nCino was the right partner to promote Judo’s relationship-first banking philosophy.

Prior to joining the founding executive team at Judo, Tim spent 24 years at National Australia Bank (NAB). He served in a variety of senior roles, including State Head of SME banking, the Chief Executive Officer of Medfin, and National Head of small and emerging business, where he was responsible for over 40,000 customers.

In October 2016, Tim and his colleagues recognized a gap in the Australian banking marketplace. The industry was no longer effectively meeting the evolving needs of small businesses. They wanted to address those needs and help small businesses, so they founded Judo Bank with a 100% commitment to the Banking and Finance Oath and its core values of trust, teamwork, accountability and performance.

Today, Tim’s primary focus at Judo is on lending and deposit products. He currently serves on Judo Bank’s Leadership Team and is executive sponsor of the nCino implementation project.In terms of Judo Bank’s successful nCino Commercial Banking Solution implementation, Tim said that one key factor to a success is communication.

Judo Bank began their nCino journey during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the bank to communicate virtually throughout the entirety of the project. The team at Judo had to become more intentional and transparent with their conversations between each other and the nCino teams.

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