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Why Community Financial Institutions Are Choosing nCino

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Community banks and credit unions play a huge role in the communities they serve. Unlike their larger counterparts, these institutions provide loans in the neighborhoods where their customers live and work, positively impacting local businesses and communities.

Like many of the businesses they serve, community banks and credit unions now find themselves trying to successfully navigate a turbulent economic environment. Slower loan growth, tighter credit standards, higher funding costs and lower profit margins are creating challenging conditions for community-focused financial institutions to chart a path forward for safe and sustainable growth. Jack Ingram, CIO of Whatcom Educational Credit Union, agrees. In a recent Cornerstone Report, he said: “Financial institutions continue to be squeezed on both sides after record rate increases blew up existing ALM models. Between a high cost of funds, increased rates of charge-off and a material slowdown of lending engines outside of unsecured consumer debt, it makes for a difficult 2024.”

The good news is that institutions that adopt modern lending technologies are better able to mitigate these challenges, while also ensuring they’re well-positioned to quickly respond when loan demand begins to rise and adapt more easily to changes in the future for continued success.

A proven partner in the community financial space for over a decade, nCino has a deep understanding of what these institutions need to effectively grow relationships, increase efficiency and achieve strength and stability in an ever-changing landscape. We understand that community banks and credit unions are pivotal to the economy, serving all markets and all segments, and we’re dedicated to helping these institutions thrive.

“nCino is our ‘tried and true’ for managing the entire commercial loan origination process, from customer relationship management to loan processing and from post-closing to portfolio management. It’s allowed us to consolidate all the different departments and vendors that touch a loan under one technology.”
—Andy Hess, SVP and Senior Lender, Dieterich Bank

An Innovative Commercial Lending Solution for Community Banks and Credit Unions

As community banks and credit unions work to overcome these challenges and stay competitive, their efforts can be hampered by clunky legacy technology, siloed systems, manual processes and inaccessible data. While many industry experts have advised these institutions to invest in technology that will help them modernize to achieve their goals, the rising concerns over cost, implementation time, resource constraints, and a wariness around new advancements such as artificial intelligence can present additional obstacles.

"By utilizing nCino, we are able to bring consistency and efficiency across our various processes and across different teams."
—Raj Sampoornam, CIO, Byline Bank

These are tough challenges but overcoming them is not impossible – especially for institutions that embrace technology, prioritize innovation and have a trusted partner at their side. Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of successful implementations in the community financial space, nCino has thoughtfully built an end-to-end commercial lending solution for community financial institutions to meet those needs and be that partner.

This means mitigating the challenges and concerns facing community banks and credit unions through an innovative, cost-effective commercial lending solution that offers a streamlined implementation timeline so institutions can realize efficiency gains and cost savings quickly. Our pre-configured solution still retains a level of flexibility, ensuring smaller institutions do not feel overwhelmed by complexity, while also benefiting from a modern, tailored lending solution.

An Experienced and Committed Partner

With nCino, community banks and credit unions gain an experienced and committed technology partner singularly focused on addressing their lending needs today and tomorrow, while balancing growth and stability. By partnering with nCino, community banks and credit unions can future-proof their organizations with a modern commercial lending experience that will help them manage risk, grow relationships, increase efficiency, reduce costs and compete with the big banks by offering the same caliber of experience, without the same resource requirements.

“Using nCino, we’re approaching our goal of saying yes or no within 24 hours on 80% of our loan requests. We really think that’s going to allow us to create a competitive advantage for our bank and our markets.”
—Robert Messer, CFO, American National Bank of Texas

To learn more about how nCino can help future-proof your community financial institution, schedule your demo today.