Culture and Careers

Our six core values form the foundation of what makes nCino an amazing place to work.

nCino's mission is to transform the financial services industry through innovation, reputation and speed. Since its inception, nCino has built a strong brand and reputation as one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies by hiring the right people, continually innovating and enhancing the product, and providing unparalleled customer service. Every person at nCino brings a unique variety of knowledge, skills and experience to the team and our culture is one of our most important measures of success.

At nCino, we are guided by six core values:

Make Someone's Day
Do the Right Thing
Respect Each Other
Have Fun
Bring Your A-game
Be a Winner!
"If we create the right culture and take care of our people they will be passionate about their jobs and committed to nCino's long term success."
Pierre Naudé, nCino CEO