Benefits / Value

nCino delivers significant ROI to banks, their customers and shareholders.

Real Value. Real Results.

nCino enables financial institutions to operate more efficiently, while also delivering greater shareholder value and exceeding customer expectations.

Through increased loan volume, reductions in loan closing times, and freeing up employees to focus on relationship-building and revenue-generating activities, nCino gives banks a true competitive advantage. Use the ROI calculator to see how nCino can help your institution achieve:
  • 17% reduction in operating costs
  • 19% increase in revenue
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Greater competitive advantage
nCino drives increased efficiency by removing duplicate data entry, eliminating paper files and increasing transparency and collaboration among employees and other bank stakeholders.
  • Increases accountability
  • Reduces regulatory prep time
  • 22% increase in staff efficiency
  • Customized for each bank
Safety and Soundness
nCino acts as a risk mitigator and early warning system through reductions in policy exceptions, loan loss provisions, regulatory exam preparation, as well as through increasing operating transparency at all organizational levels and across all lines of business.
  • Reduces regulatory disruption
  • Monitoring tools reduce risk
  • Detailed and in-depth reporting tools
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
Digital Engagement
nCino provides digital engagement between the banker and the customer through a single, secure, cloud-based platform. The Bank Operating System can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device, providing a seamless experience for all users.
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Enhances communication
  • Increases cross- and up-sell opportunities
  • Personalizes each customer's experience
Data Analytics
nCino integrates with core and point systems within a financial institution, centralizing data and providing detailed dashboards and reporting. Delivering data intelligence across all business lines with easy-to-view pipeline analytics, nCino is the single source for executives to view and manage bank operations.
  • Create meaningful real-time reports
  • Monitor and analyze performance across the bank
  • View loan pipeline at all levels of the organization
  • Reduce regulatory prep time and enhances compliance
Through ease of integration that does not disrupt the bank or affect the core, nCino consolidates multiple banking systems into one platform and delivers an intuitive software interface for the way in which today's banks operate.
  • Quick view dashboard
  • Core independent
  • Consolidates data services
  • Industry-leading implementation times

Each Bank. Every User. Real ROI.

Built by bankers for bankers, nCino provides a personalized experience for each individual, all on a single platform, that securely connects bank employees, their customers and third parties. Below are a few examples of roles that can benefit from the nCino Bank Operating System.

Responsible for the overall direction, culture and administration of the Bank, the CEO can look forward to maximizing revenue and profits, instilling a passionate company culture, and delivering a stronger ROI to the bank's shareholders, customers and employees with nCino.
  • True competitive advantage
  • Increases revenue
  • Provides ROI
  • Boosts profitability
With responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the bank, the COO will benefit in significant ways from the insight the Bank Operating System provides into the institution's entire product portfolio and organization.
  • Increases transparency
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves workflow
With nCino, the CCO can look forward to improved regulatory relations, as well as reductions in compliance errors, regulatory costs, and exception rates along with secure portfolio management in real-time.
  • Lower compliance risk
  • Lower regulatory cost
  • Reduces regulatory disruption
  • Robust reporting and portfolio monitoring
With responsibility for the entire bank's operating and financial results, nCino provides the CFO with complete operating transparency, custom reporting and data intelligence, and the data security of a SOC 2 Type II cloud banking solution, ensuring total safety of bank assets.
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Provides deeper insights into bank operations
  • Improves M&A speed
  • Consolidates multiple banking systems
Bank Customers
Customers are demanding personalized service and greater speed and convenience out of their financial institutions. Their experience and satisfaction ultimately affects an institution's business and bottom line. With nCino, financial institutions can provide customers with an experience that is seamless, modern and transparent.
  • Greater visibility into the loan process
  • A personalized and digital experience
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty
As entities responsible for determining whether financial institutions are following safe and sound practices, regulators gain tremendous benefits from nCino's digital platform. Regulators can look forward to more efficient and effective examination processes through nCino's transparency and reporting.
  • Reduced examination time
  • Access to rich reporting
  • Elimination of exam disruptions
  • Digital access to data and business processes