Bank Operating System Integrations

nCino's Bank Operating System integrates with third-party applications as well as core systems to create a robust, end-to-end solution for the financial institution.
The nCino Platform was designed with flexibility at its foundation, from configuration options to the ability to integrate with third-party providers. In today's modern technological era, connectivity and scalability are pivotal to providing the best-in-class services that financial institutions (FIs) need and that their customers demand. To meet these unique business challenges, the nCino Bank Operating System supports a diverse array of integration options that are built, maintained and supported by nCino. Additionally, nCino provides the capability to accommodate integrations that can be built by FIs, system integrator (SI) partners and the technology vendors themselves, meaning the FI can leverage an integration with virtually any third-party provider around the globe with unprecedented satisfaction.
nCino Build
nCino has a suite of the most commonly used integrations in financial services to extend the nCino platform.
FI or SI Build
FIs or SI partners have ample resources to build integrations directly to the nCino system.
Technology Partner Build
nCino's renowned Technology Partner Program vets the top technology partners in the world who want to build to nCino.

Through the multitude of options available, FIs have the freedom to control their integration experience, providing greater value to their customers. Additionally, stakeholders have access to ample resources to build connectivity with agility, speed and ease. Both FIs and SI partners can leverage innovative tools such as Salesforce and nCino APIs, streamlining the process of building a custom integration. nCino's Technology Partner Program vets best-in-class technology vendors who wish to build directly to the nCino platform, taking collaboration and innovation to an entirely new level. FIs can further differentiate their product offerings to their customers by leveraging apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, taking full advantage of the breadth and robustness of the nCino platform.

"The nCino system possesses greater configuration and integration opportunities than any other system we vetted. This solution will help us enhance the customer experience and drive efficiencies throughout our internal processes."
Matt Berthold, Westfield Bank