Customer onboarding functionality supports the front, middle, and back-office onboarding processes, allowing financial institutions to assess the risk of doing business with clients while providing an efficient and personalized user experience.

Clients can upload documents, complete identity verification, and provide information about themselves and their business, enabling regulatory compliance. Institutions can also generate custom reports and achieve a holistic client view thanks to enhanced reporting tools and real-time analytics, enabling them to provide more value-added services and custom-tailored offerings.

A section of the customer onboarding review summary hovers over a light blue progress bar that indicates the account is funded.

Loan Origination

The loan origination system provides a complete end-to-end solution for loan processing, including automated workflow, document management, and real-time reporting. It supports a wide range of lending products, from complex commercial loans to consumer loans, while maintaining regulatory compliance. The platform offers a single digital loan file accessible to all stakeholders, facilitating efficient and compliant loan management.

UI boxes that show the general loan origination process hover near each other over a transparent background.

Account Opening

Deposit account opening streamlines the process of opening various types of bank accounts for commercial, consumer, and small business clients, while meeting compliance standards. It provides a flexible, intuitive, and scalable workflow so clients can seamlessly open accounts digitally across any device, in branches, or via call centers.

Abstract UI elements represent nCino's Account Opening components.


With nCino IQ (nIQ), financial institutions can make the leap to a new banking future. nIQ utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and analytics to deliver intelligence and insights throughout the Cloud Banking Platform, reducing the manual re-keying of data and streamlining key processes.

By leveraging available data from digitalization, deep industry data, and AI/ML techniques, nCino's data scientists build financial models to provide insights that enable optimized decisions to increase revenue, decrease costs, and reduce risk.

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By leveraging open APIs and productized integrations, nCino creates an open ecosystem that brings together disparate data sources and systems, acting as a data hub that integrates with core systems, credit reporting agencies, and other third-party applications. This centralizes the institution’s data, creating an actionable single data platform and warehouse.

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Increase in number of loans originated. —WaFd Bank


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“nCino really opened our eyes to what a modern architecture could do and how you could be nimble from an IT perspective.”

Brent Beardall

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The adoption of nCino's technology supports our efforts to offer our clients a responsive, digital and insightful experience."

Nathan Davis

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Commercial Banking

nCino's Commercial Banking Solution drives intelligent automation into every corner of the financial institution. Institutions have the power to manage all aspects of commercial banking from onboarding to account opening, to loan origination and approval.
Commercial Banking