nCino's Digital Platform.

Data, platform services and intelligence drive end-to-end customer-centric journeys across all lines of business

The Experience is the Product

Customers expect experience-driven journeys in the financial industry. Whether they're on the go, at home, in the office, traveling or even in-branch, customers want a fast, seamless, intuitive, and personalized experience. From researching to purchasing and managing a financial product, customers trust that their FI can provide insightful recommendations, well-timed interactions and valuable outreach from bank employees. They want their financial institution alongside for the entire journey.

nCino's Digital Platform equips our partners with the tools they need to provide a seamless, digitally curated experience to thrive as a digital financial institution as new regulations arise, customer expectations change and competition applies pressure. With the nCino bank operating system (BOS) at the center of operations, financial institutions can fully leverage their data—alongside nCino's data, platform services and nIQ-powered intelligence—to provide seamless end-to-end, deeply personalized journeys across multiple lines of business.

The Bank of the Future
Digital is the Channel
Customers want a personalized, fast and intuitive experience—any time, any place. Digital experiences must be in your financial institution's DNA.
Transparency, Collaboration, Controls
Adapt to changing regulations quickly by giving regulators and auditors the transparency and access they need.
Innovation, Agility, Security
The right technology is essential to quickly respond to market changes, keep data secure and offer clients new and improved services and experiences. nCino's cloud-based platform equips you with the technology you need to stay ahead of the market and your clients' evolving expectations.
Intelligence and Insights Everywhere
Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to strategically scale data-driven insights across your organization, which leads to richer client interactions, deeper connections, improved operations and growth.
Open Banking Ecosystem
Financial services don't happen in a silo. Build an ecosystem of trusted partners and enable functionality that allows your clients to maximize their data. Connect and embed your services, and partner with others to provide a best-in-class service.
Aite Branch Transformation Report
This report explores the customer trends shaping the future of banking, the need to transform the role of the branch, how FIs can create value for customers in a digital environment and the importance of facilitating the entire customer journey.
Intelligent Enterprise Thought Leadership
As financial institutions move through their digital transformation journey, understanding which technologies allow them to capture deeper insights, make informed data-driven decisions, manage risk, and increase efficiencies is essential. Download to learn about the process of creating an intelligent enterprise.
"Our clients expect to be able to do almost everything digitally, including applying for loans online, so we're ready to deliver on that. We believe nCino is going to help propel our digital evolution and enable us continue to grow that market."
Selena Suggs, Vice President, Project Management at Bank Independent

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