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3 Key Takeaways from nSight 2024


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nSight 2024, nCino’s annual conference, was held May 14 – 16 in Charlotte, NC.

It was an opportunity for the people and institutions driving the global banking industry forward to share insights, explore innovations, and learn from peers and leaders. Below are three key takeaways from this year’s event:

1. Efficiency and Growth: AI is Leading the Way

A pre-nSight attendee survey revealed that efficiency and growth are top priorities for financial institutions in 2024, with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) positioned as the key drivers. As a company delivering cutting edge technology, this was the perfect time to debut nCino’s Banking Advisor, a generative AI solution embedded in the nCino Platform that augments both the banker experience and an institution's processes to streamline lending, improve efficiency, and help drive portfolio growth—all while keeping a “human in the loop” to help ensure compliance and oversight.

As financial institutions focus on becoming more efficient while also laying the groundwork for future growth, this innovation not only helps to elevate productivity but also provides banks with the tools needed to scale effectively in today’s competitive landscape. We were thrilled to see the Banking Advisor Product Pod in the Community Lounge packed with excited attendees, and to be part of many conversations about how this powerful tool will help nCino and our customers continue to transform the industry.

2. The Omnichannel Experience: Redefining Consumer Banking

In his keynote at nCino’s Executive Summit, held during nSight 2024, Jim Marous, financial services influencer and host of the Banking Transformed podcast, underscored the importance of embracing efficiency, stronger risk and fraud management, and rethinking the role of brick-and-mortar branches in an increasingly digital world. (Jim interviewed nCino’s Chris Gufford while at nSight – listen to the full interview now.)

These themes were echoed on the nSight mainstage when Anthony Morris, nCino’s Chief Industry Innovation Officer, shared a glimpse of nCino’s expanded omnichannel experience, a key part of our recent Consumer Banking Solution enhancements, which is revolutionizing the consumer banking application process. With a focus on speed and simplicity, this new approach offers a streamlined application journey for secured and unsecured loans, deposit products, and more. The omnichannel experience also ensures seamless transitions between digital and in-branch interactions, allowing customers to add multiple products to their "shopping cart" and complete applications effortlessly across various smart devices. This modernization leads to fewer clicks, a more intuitive interface, and a significantly improved customer experience—all while meeting compliance requirements.

During the nCino Product Keynote, we shared that a customer using nCino's US Mortgage Solution recently reported their application to close timeline went from 41 days to 16 days, which was attributed to the ability to get disclosures and documents back faster.

In an increasingly digital world, this is the kind of innovation that will allow financial institutions to meet their customers where they are and serve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. The Power of the Partnership: Innovating Together

One of the most compelling takeaways from nSight 2024 was the strength of the nCino ecosystem, which was on full display on the main stage, in breakout sessions, and in the Community Lounge. This robust ecosystem, which includes both nCino customers and partners, fosters continuous innovation, enabling its members to share best practices, overcome challenges, and collectively drive advancements.

One example of this ecosystem is the growth of nCino’s robust API infrastructure. This allows for innovative opportunities such as nCino’s integration with Rich Data Co. (RDC), which most recently led to nCino’s new Continuous Credit Monitoring Solution, augmenting how FIs manage credit risk through automation of early-warning indicators. Our announcement during nSight that M&T Bank, an existing and long-standing nCino customer, is expanding its use of the nCino platform and integrating nCino’s Continuous Credit Monitoring Solution into its operations, was a great example of how this powerful partnership benefits our customers. nCino’s Continuous Credit Monitoring Solution leverages RDC’s explainable AI platform and is designed to bring transparency to every decision, giving M&T more comprehensive insights into cash flow health, credit risk, and lending opportunities at both the customer and portfolio levels. This will enable M&T to detect more early warning signs and have access to additional data when making decisions throughout the customer relationship lifecycle and is set to transform how M&T manages credit risk and loan performance across its portfolio. The ability to share this news during nCino CEO Pierre Naudé’s opening keynote was exciting and rewarding.

Looking Ahead

nSight 2024 provided invaluable insights and strategic direction for the future of financial services. By embracing automation, leveraging data intelligence, innovating consumer experiences, learning from industry pioneers, and harnessing the power of community, financial institutions can position themselves for sustained growth and success.

Hear what attendees are saying about 2024.

nSight 2025 will take place May 19—21 in Charlotte, NC. Save the date! We look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate another year of innovation!