The Future of Modern Banking

Banking Advisor augments the banker experience and an institution's processes to streamline lending, improve efficiency, and to help drive portfolio growth.

  • Provides a modern, digital banking experience for financial institutions

  • A trusted, banker-focused digital advisor that streamlines banking processes

  • Accelerates adoption, faster onboarding, and maximizes product efficiency

  • Improves loan approval and cycle times

  • Reduces manual workloads allowing staff to focus on value-added activities

  • Better understand pricing and profitability calculations and metrics


of bankers see unlocking the value of AI as a key competitive differentiator


Leveraging Gen AI

Financial institutions that leverage Gen AI effectively could get a 22-30% productivity uplift



of FIs are in the experimental stage of AI adoption.

The Financial Brand

“This type of innovation makes the origination and credit process much easier”

Capitec Bank

Gen AI

could boost annual revenue ranging from $2-3.4 billion


Unlock New Value Streams

Banking Advisor provides a streamlined banking experience, providing unparalleled efficiency gains, cost savings, and risk management capabilities. By automating time-consuming tasks, Banking Advisor reduces processing times and operational costs, enabling financial institutions to focus resources more effectively, while also enhancing the accuracy of risk assessments through more informed decision making.

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Amplifying Efficiency

The nCino Banking Advisor opens the door to a new era for financial services, equipped to meet the modern demands of banking. Harness the power of highly interactive and productive features, including communicating with PDF documents, drafting of narratives, instant document filing, and calculation explanations.

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Trust, Security & Explainability

With nCino, our AI, ML, and analytics capabilities, built into our Cloud Banking Platform since 2019, are secure, trustworthy, and explainable. We offer a revolutionary generative AI solution that is beneficial, honest, and always keeps a human in the loop. At no time is a financial institution’s data used to train the Banking Advisor language models, ensuring your information remains secure and private.

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Cloud is the enabler, data is the driver, and AI is the differentiator.

Julie Sweet

CEO of Accenture

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