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Key Takeaways from nCino's North American Fall Forums

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In October, nCino hosted three highly impactful forums in Scottsdale, Arizona. These forums included the Community and Regional Executive Forum, the North America Enterprise Executive Forum, and the Farm Credit Forum.

At these forums, nCino leaders and industry leaders delivered thought-provoking keynotes, shared inspiring customer success stories, and facilitated engaging roundtable discussions. As always, it was a great opportunity to meet with our customers, share our vision and strategy, and gain valuable insights from the nCino community.

Although each forum catered to a distinct institution type, they all shared common themes that resonated throughout. These themes included the cutting-edge utilization of artificial intelligence in the banking industry, the ongoing importance of digital transformation, and nCino's unwavering dedication to innovation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Banking Industry

Charith Mendis, the Head of Worldwide Banking Industry at AWS, presented a captivating industry keynote at both the C&R Forum and the Enterprise Forum. The focus of his talk was centered around the immense potential and exciting prospects of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the banking sector.

Charith cited several key uses for AI/ML in banking transformation, including:

  • Streamlining customer onboarding with AI/ML data

  • Frictionless customer interactions to integrate seamlessly across channels

  • Faster decisions and better risk assessments to automate the credit decisioning process

  • Preventing fraud and financial crimes by teaching the machine to identify trends and reduce false positives

  • Hyper-personalized offers and services to meet customers where they are by suggesting the products and services they may need

Charith also identified several opportunities for Generative AI in the banking industry. These include enhancing the efficiency of knowledge workers, creating tailored communications and visuals, gaining insights into market and customer sentiment, and boosting developer productivity and code quality. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, banks can revolutionize their operations and deliver exceptional results across various areas.

At the Farm Credit Forum, Brenda Frank, EVP of Farm Credit Banking Group, shared similar technology trends in financial services, highlighting that a lack of technology is the greatest risk threatening the mission of the Farm Credit System. According to Brenda, tech trends to be aware of are:

  • Applied AI

  • Generative AI

  • APIs

  • Trust architecture and digital identity

  • Next generation software development

  • Digital ecosystems

  • The demand for tech talent

Continuing the theme of artificial intelligence, Anthony Morris, nCino’s Chief Industry Innovation Officer, shared the company’s strategic vision for nCino IQ (nIQ) and our commitment to enhancing the platform by using AI and ML.

"By injecting AI at the point of execution,” Anthony said, “we're making better decisions with greater efficiency, setting you apart from the competition, and elevating the banking industry to new heights. This is the future of banking."

He also introduced and demoed nCino’s Banking Assistant, a new, coming-soon tool designed to simplify your work by understanding operationalizing data within your organization to deliver insights and intelligence, emphasizing that trust, security, and explainability are at the foundation of nCino’s AI strategy.

Continuing Digital Transformation

At the Farm Credit Forum, Brenda Frank shared in her keynote that most banks in the US are still in the midst of digital transformation, pursuing innovation in a variety of ways and prioritizing APIs and the Cloud in emerging tech rollouts. Because it’s more challenging for the Farm Credit System to acquire fintech, the Farm Credit System must continue to adapt and change more quickly as banks begin using AI for internal operations.

Keynote speakers Anthony Morris, Blake Fortier, Ben Miller, Matt Hansen, and Chris Gufford shared numerous examples of how nCino is continuing to drive digital transformation in all of our product offerings across all lines of business. They outlined updates related to Commercial Banking, Small Business Banking, Consumer Banking, and nCino’s Mortgage Suite, in addition to highlighting key partnerships and digital engagement strategies.

Ben Miller introduced nCino’s Mortgage Suite, formerly known as SimpleNexus, and announced that the nCino mortgage team is hard at work on numerous innovations, including important updates to visibility, loan origination dashboards, and enhancements in closing.

“While others are pulling back,” Ben said, “we’re investing in mortgage.”

nCino’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform, nCino IQ, known as nIQ, has been pivotal in our digital transformation journey. With concrete use cases in Commercial Pricing and Profitability, we aim to demonstrate the value that AI/ML can bring to financial institutions as they continue in their own digital transformation journeys. nCino’s AI strategy is to build valuable, controlled, and traceable intelligence use cases. These use cases can translate into efficiency, cost savings, enhanced customer and banker experiences in the short term. The longer-term value lies in risk reduction, improved control and compliance, growth, and obtaining a competitive advantage—all aimed at helping your financial institution grow and continue their paths toward digital transformation.

nCino’s Commitment to Innovation

Pierre Naude, CEO and Chairman of nCino, delivered powerful keynotes at both the C&R Forum and the Enterprise Executive Forum. Pierre emphasized the challenges financial institutions face due to legacy systems, fragmented data, and siloed transformations. As the leading innovator in cloud banking, we know what’s required to move into a new banking future, and we are more committed than ever to innovation.

“Our goal is to show how our platform will drive intelligence, a very uniformed end user experience, and eventually, a no-to-low-touch environment,” Pierre said. “What both bankers and customers are looking for, more than anything, is top customer service and continuous innovation. So that is our commitment to you: ongoing innovation and the very best customer service in the market.”

Blake Fortier, Matt Hansen, and Chris Gufford shared what each of nCino’s product teams are currently working on and walked attendees through some of our newest product innovations, such as Priority Manager, exciting updates to Commercial Pricing and Profitability, improvements to Automated Spreading, and what you can expect with our new monthly release cadence.

At the Farm Credit Forum, Will Cameron touched on the commitment specifically to Farm Credit and nCino’s innovations around spread enhancements, rate and payment streams, navigation and UX, and digital channels. He also shared nCino’s commitment to investing in the product.

At nCino, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to best support our financial institutions on their digital transformation journey and partnering with our customers to incorporate their feedback and insights into our vision. We’re grateful to everyone who attended our Fall Forums, and we can’t wait to see you in the spring for more conversation and innovation.