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Top Moments from nSight 2022

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  • nSight 2022 brought together industry professionals, allowing for the sharing of digital transformation stories and celebrating customer successes.

  • The event featured a transformed Community Lounge, nCino University certifications, and introduced SimpleNexus homeownership solutions.

  • nCino expressed confidence in their ability to transform the industry through innovation and highlighted the importance of being "Together Again" to foster collaboration.

nCino's annual user conference, nSight 2022, brought together industry professionals, including representatives from global banks, regional banks and credit unions.

The conference celebrated its 10th anniversary and marked the return of an in-person event after almost three years. Highlights included customer presentations, a transformed Community Lounge, nCino University certifications and the introduction of SimpleNexus homeownership solutions. The conference provided an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and a renewed sense of collective innovation within the industry.

nSight 2022, nCino’s annual user conference, was memorable for many reasons. We brought together approximately 1,400 people—including representatives from global enterprise banks, regional and community banks and credit unions—to hear from industry leaders, discuss key banking and economic trends, share best practices and explore the latest features and functionality of the nCino Bank Operating System. It was also nSight’s 10th anniversary and our first in-person user conference in nearly three years.

To say we were excited would be an understatement.

It’s impossible to choose one favorite moment from nSight, so instead we'd like to share five highlights from a week spent with the best customers, partners and colleagues in the industry.

Highlighting Our Customers

At nCino, our customers come first. That’s why we were so proud to welcome a number of our customers to nSight’s main stage to share their digital transformation stories. A special thank you to Shane Loper, Chief Operating Office from Hancock Whitney; Kevin Nielsen, VP Director of Product Management at nbkc bank; Scott Honey, FVP of Product Support at Valley Bank; Grant Abbott, Commercial Product Lead at Kiwibank; Matt Berthold, Chief Operating Officer at Westfield Bank; and Jay Poole, Head of Product and Engineer of Commercial Lending, and Katie Hodges, Head of Strategy, Technology, Analytics and Profitability at Truist for taking the time to share their advice and celebrate their wins with the rest of us. We especially liked this insight from Shane: “Pick the right technology partner. If you’re in this room, you’re in the right place.”

Experiencing the Community Lounge

The Community Lounge has always been a popular destination during nSight, but this year our Events team took it to the next level by transforming the Lounge into a true expo hall. Whether you were interested in a demo of one of our many solutions, having a conversation with members of our partner ecosystem, attending a Lounge Live session featuring Ted-style talks on a variety of topics, or sharing a meal or cup of coffee with old friends and new ones, the Community Lounge was the place to be. Perhaps the most popular feature of the Lounge this year was our official nCino SWAG store, where attendees had the opportunity to choose their favorite SWAG item and “spin the wheel” for a chance to win additional prizes to bring home.

Learning with nCino University

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of nCino Certifications, which allow nCino customers, partners and employees to earn certifications for nCino’s core solution areas by taking proctored certification exams. Once certified, these talented individuals receive a badge they can share on LinkedIn, proving that they are competent, confident and credible resources who can enable financial institutions to succeed with the nCino Bank Operating System.

During nCino University, which took place over two days during nSight, we're proud to share that our attendees earned a total of 77 certifications. Congratulations on your accomplishment! If you missed this opportunity to test your skills and earn a badge, we have good news: you can start your journey in nCino University on the Certifications page at any time.

Welcoming SimpleNexus

In January, nCino officially joined forces with SimpleNexus, a leading cloud-based, mobile-first homeownership software company. At nSight, we were excited to introduce our customers to the SimpleNexus Team and suite of homeownership solutions. During a morning keynote, Ben Miller, Co-Founder of SimpleNexus, shared how our dynamic partnership will transform the mortgage industry and brought Valley Bank, a customer of both nCino and SimpleNexus, on stage with him to discuss his experience with their software. In addition to Ben’s keynote, SimpleNexus also hosted multiple breakout sessions and a demo booth in the Community Lounge. We're proud to be in business with Ben and the whole SimpleNexus team, and we can’t wait to see what we'll accomplish together.

Being “Together Again”

The last two and a half years have not been easy. From the sudden pivot to remote work, to the vital role financial institutions around the globe played in COVID relief measures like PPP, CBILS, and BBLS, to economic uncertainty and inflation, to Zoom fatigue—our industry and our communities have faced unprecedented challenges. But we pulled through. We helped where we could, whether it was getting a much-needed loan into the hands of a struggling small business owner or making sure our employees had the tools and the technology that made their lives and their jobs easier.

A company without a vibe is not a company. At nCino, we believe being in person with our customers gives us the opportunity to create, enjoy and share that vibe! Our energy, ideas and collective culture of innovation is what makes the nCino ecosystem so successful.

nSight 2022 was more than a user conference. It was an opportunity to be “Together Again,” to meet and talk face to face, share our challenges, celebrate our successes, and remember our vibe. After spending a week together, we're more confident than ever in our ability to transform our industry, and we look forward to accomplishing that and so much more with you in the years to come.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for nSight 2023, which will take place May 9-11 in Charlotte, NC. We’re already counting down the days.