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nCino Deal Proposal: Building a Better Front Office Experience

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Commercial Banking
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  • Relationship Managers (RMs) are vital in commercial banking as customer advisors, but their effectiveness is hindered by spending excessive time on manual tasks rather than customer interactions.

  • nCino's Commercial Banking Solution, especially the Deal Proposal feature, offers streamlined processes that free up RMs from manual tasks, allowing them to focus on customers, deliver efficient services and build stronger relationships in the digital banking landscape.

When it comes to commercial banking, Relationship Managers (RMs) are the face of your financial institution. These employees are trusted advisors to your customers, and their role is essential when it comes to optimizing the customer relationship, both for the customer and the institution. While it takes time to nurture these types of valuable customer relationships, technology can deliver an experience that amplifies the relationship through speed and convenience.

Time is essential to the Relationship Managers’ success and the success of your institution, yet 60% of banking leaders say their employees don’t spend enough time with customers—especially when most of their time is spent performing manual, administrative tasks. Insufficient time paired with inadequate technology results in a high turnover rate, uncompetitive services and unoptimized relationships. Bad news for FIs, and for their customers.

This is one reason financial institutions are increasingly focused on creating a digitally powered front office experience. Organizations that prioritize this strategy typically see better retention of skilled RMs and increased revenue.

The good news: nCino’s Commercial Banking Solution helps users on the front-end and across the entire organization gain back precious time they can then spend focusing on the customer. This is a major step towards an empowered front office and deepened relationships with customers.

Empower Your Relationship Managers Through nCino Deal Proposal

One of the features of nCino’s Commercial Banking Solution, Deal Proposal, has the power to transform the way your front office operates. Once your institution is live on the nCino platform, this straight-forward solution requires no extra training, and with a single click from the homepage, RMs can initiative the proposal process quickly.

Where RMs previously had to track their deal and relationship notes off platform, they can now see the entire deal proposal in one consolidated location, on platform, which is based on the “single sheet” method with which many RMs are already familiar. By reducing the time RMs spend with manual tasks like data reentry, you can empower your front office to do their jobs well and offer more efficient and personalized service, which benefits the institution as a whole.

Banking has always been about relationships, but in our new digital world it takes time, technology and employee retention to grow those relationships. Deal Proposal is one of the many tools nCino offers to help banks to build stronger customer relationships in a digital world.

To learn more about how to empower your Relationship Managers and create the front office experience of the future, download the full brochure on CLOS.