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How nCino is Driving Innovation and Growth Across Australia and New Zealand


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  • nCino is leveraging its global expertise with a dedicated local team to further develop and tailor the nCino Cloud Banking Platform for the APAC region.

  • Localised products such as Commercial Lending and Home Lending using Automated Spreading technology are helping FIs in Australia and New Zealand scale efficiently and respond to increasing demand.

  • With leading partners such as Rich Data Co (RDC) providing AI decisioning capabilities, nCino is continuing to equip FIs with streamlined solutions for increased value and efficiency.

nCino is excited to spotlight the depth and breadth of its local product team and partner ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand.

nCino continues to advance the modernisation of financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand. With the help of a dedicated local team, nCino is using its industry knowledge and deep expertise gained from operations and customers around the globe to continually enhance the nCino Cloud Banking Platform and deliver the latest cloud technology to transform the financial services industry in APAC with innovation, reputation, and speed.

Expert Global Teams to Localise Products

Despite the slowing economy, increasing inflation, and rising mortgage rates, the APAC region is among those expected to account for 80 percent of the estimated $1.3 trillion in global banking revenue growth between 2021 and 2025 (McKinsey and Company, 2022). With the fixed rate mortgage cliff estimated to impact up to 800,000 households in Australia in 2023, the workload of refinancing existing loans and processing new loans is projected to increase significantly. Financial institutions (FIs) will need a solution to help them scale efficiently and effectively respond to this increased demand.

Through its agile cloud-based platform, nCino helps FIs deliver tailored digital experiences via solutions such as Commercial Lending and Home Lending. nCino understands that every region and market have specific needs. By employing dedicated subject matter experts and product development teams in multiple offices throughout the region and investing a robust partner ecosystem, nCino helps ensure that FIs in Australia and New Zealand are well equipped to solve their unique challenges with localised products, including a bespoke Mortgage solution.

In addition, nCino’s first-class product team has expanded the Automated Spreading technology to intelligently extract data from any fixed forms in a transferrable format inside the nCino platform. Soon, data extraction will be fully automated. As nCino continues to expand and build its platform, it is well positioned to help APAC institutions achieve their modernisation goals.

“We’re committed to investing $100 million into Research and Development globally in FY24 so that we are well-positioned to provide the APAC region with all the appropriate resources to continue driving new customer value through functionality development," said Donald Permezel, General Manager – Product, APAC.

He continues, "Our local offices are home to their own Product Development and Engineering teams focused on driving growth and innovation in Commercial Lending and Home Lending specific to their home regions."

Continued traction in APAC has resulted in FIs such as Judo Bank, RedZed,Rabobank, Metrics, ASB, KiwiBank, and BNZ adopting nCino’s platform. With partnerships with ecosystem partners such as Rich Data Co (RDC), an industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) decisioning platform, to enhance the lending process for its customers, nCino will continue to equip financial institutions to streamline and further automate workflow, creating significant value and efficiencies.

“We’re honored to partner with so many incredible customers in Australia and New Zealand, from enterprise institutions to regional banks and non-banks lenders,” said Mark Bernhardi, General Manager—Australia.

“APAC is a unique market with its own needs and challenges," he continues, "and I’m confident that the combination of our local experts and global learnings will allow us to continue to deliver for the latest technology in Australia and New Zealand.”