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How Emprise Bank is Reaching Record Results with nCino


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  • Emprise Bank began looking for a new loan operating system when its legacy systems were failing to meet the Bank’s high standards and growing customer base.

  • Emprise selected nCino as its new system and started its implementation journey in 2020.

  • With nCino, Emprise is delivering on its mission to provide the best experience for customers with lightning-fast services and expanded digital banking options.

Emprise Bank serves 20 communities with 33 branch and commercial offices across the state of Kansas. The Bank prides itself on having an innovative culture driven by technology and a mission to provide the best experience for their customers.

As the Bank grew over the past decade, its legacy loan operating systems couldn’t keep up. As a result, they were no longer able to offer their customers the experience, speed and service they needed and deserved.

Emprise Bank Reaches Record Results with nCino

The Digital Transformation Journey

Emprise Bank’s digital transformation journey with nCino began in March of 2020 with the nCino Commercial Banking Solution. Since then, Emprise has expanded to utilizing the solution in its consumer and small business lending operations. In 2021, the Bank continued to build out its use of nCino, rolling out additional functionality like portfolio analysis, streamlined annual reviews, a microbusiness loan online application, and a new, streamlined credit memo.

"Emprise has a really high set of standards around the way we want to deliver customer service,” says Andrea Scarpelli, Executive Vice President and Enterprise Risk Officer.

“It was really important to us to have a system that had the capabilities to grow into what we wanted it to be, and also gave us the flexibility to customize.”

The nCino Bank Operating System is a single, end-to-end solution where the Bank has access to centralized data and files, and the customer can easily complete processes and applications, with lightning-fast turnaround. Solutions are also completely customizable in order to meet the Bank’s specific needs for flexibility, functionality and a user-friendly interface. Leadership at Emprise is excited about the future possibilities with the nCino platform, especially as the Bank continues to expand its digital banking options with its continued focus on stellar customer experience.

The Results

Since Emprise went live on the nCino Bank Operating System, the Bank has:

  • Slashed average time to close for commercial loans from 60 to 38 days

  • Reduced the average consumer loan cycle time by 30%

  • Attained a 40% auto-decisioning rate on retail loans, with an average time to approval of just 5 minutes

  • Enhanced visibility and transparency into the customer relationship through CRM

  • Supported better employee and customer experiences with Document Manager, Customer Portal and Online Applications

Learn More

To learn more about how Emprise Bank is utilizing nCino solutions to reach their vision of a future fueled by innovation, watch this video and then download the full case study.