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How Embedded Pricing Optimizes Profitability for Financial Institutions


Imagine pricing loans with data-driven insights and having a clear view of profitability at all levels on a single platform.

With average net interest margins continuing to be squeezed, financial institutions need to make pricing to profitability targets with data-driven pricing more than a daydream – they need to make it a reality.

nCino’s Commercial Pricing and Profitability on-platform solution can help.

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For lenders to deliver the right information to the right user at the right time, commercial loan pricing needs to be connected and intuitive. In addition, intelligence pricing must provide visibility into profitability for executives. With on-platform pricing, calculating loan pricing becomes transparent, fast, and more consistent across the institution. An added bonus: lenders have more time to focus on growing relationships.

The advantages are significant. For example, by leveraging nCino’s Commercial Pricing and Profitability on-platform solution, financial institutions such as Huntingdon Valley Bank are enabling smarter pricing decisions throughout the entire commercial deal lifecycle, maximizing profitability based on policies and financial targets individualized to each institution.

Other benefits include:

  • Execute loan pricing in a single system

  • Reduce the time it takes to structure and price deals from hours to minutes

  • View loan, relationship, and household profitability details with one click

  • Confidently negotiate in real-time with data-driven insights

  • Clone and create multiple scenarios fast to comply with institution and client financial goals and targets

  • Rate Optimization with nCino IQ

Providing financial institutions with solutions that can connect data and intelligence seamlessly to align strategy with execution is essential to transforming our customers’ ability to provide a premier experience for their clients. Through a true strategy to execution platform powered by data-driven insights, nCino is revolutionizing financial services, again.

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