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3 Ways nCino’s Commercial Pricing & Profitability Can Transform Your Institution


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Commercial Pricing & Profitability
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  • nCino's Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution integrates loan pricing within our Cloud Banking Platform, simplifying the process and increasing consistency across the institution.

  • The solution aligns pricing strategy with execution, allowing real-time data analysis, setting strategic direction and optimizing profitability based on unique policies and financial targets.

  • By leveraging embedded pricing and real-time insights, the solution provides confidence in pricing decisions, capitalizes on business opportunities and creates a unified and profitable system.

Commercial loan pricing at financial institutions is traditionally a manual, complex exercise. Often, pricing and profitability calculations are trapped deep within Excel workbooks or other disconnected back-office systems, and using and maintaining these systems can be tedious, error prone and time consuming. While point solutions for strategic pricing can remove the complexity of an Excel based system, they don’t adequately integrate into the loan origination system. These disparate systems can impact all areas of the organization, from the relationship manager up to the executive level.

That’s why we’re excited to share nCino’s Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution. This solution enables customers to price commercial loans on-platform, within the nCino commercial LOS, and to optimize loan pricing based on the unique policies and financial targets of each bank to maximize profitability.

Here are three ways nCino’s Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution can transform your institution:

1. Embedded Pricing with Real-Time Insights

How is your institution calculating loan pricing and profitability today? Is it manual and complex? Based on disconnected and complicated Excel workbooks? Do you use an integration to connect to the LOS? If you answered “yes” to these questions, we’ve got good news for you.

Commercial loan pricing needs to be connected to the systems where the user is already working. That’s why we built a pricing engine that is embedded into the nCino Bank Operating System. With nCino’s Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution, calculating profitability and pricing loans is simple, transparent, fast and more consistent across the institution.

2. An Intuitive Process that Aligns Strategy with Execution

From the executive level, pricing systems need to be connected in a way that allows the analytics to drive behavior, connecting corporate strategy with real-time execution. On-platform pricing connects data and intelligence seamlessly to align strategy with execution. Within one system, FIs can analyze portfolios to set strategic direction. From there, a single platform for pricing and origination enables the FI to define policy and operational strategy for each loan type, asset type, risk profile and geography. Then, in real-time, an FI can put those strategies into practice for the people on the front-line, or those that are on the phone, negotiating and closing deals. Information is then fed back to the executive level, allowing them to reassess the portfolio and determine the success of the strategy and path forward.

Current systems lack accessible data, limiting the transparency and the speed to execute in real time to optimize profitability. In addition, with many institutions operating in convoluted Excel workbooks, information is limited to pricing experts. nCino’s new solution solves those problems by allowing financial institutions to complete that entire circle all on one platform, all the way from analyzing strategy, to setting it, to executing it.

3. Real-Time Data to Optimize Profitability

nCino’s Commercial Pricing and Profitability solution enables FIs to calculate commercial loan and relationship profitability seamlessly within nCino’s Commercial Loan Origination solution. The on-platform feature helps FIs maximize profitability based on the unique policies and financial targets of each institution. Embedded pricing, meanwhile, allows FIs to price with confidence and capitalize on business development opportunities with optimized pricing and real-time insights delivered directly to users within the best-in-class nCino Bank Operating System. The result is a unified system that is simple, compliant and profitable.

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