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nCino's Mortgage Solution

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Expedite time to close
Generate dynamic offers
Increase application submission rates
Reduce loan cycle time
Lower the cost of origination

Home loans require financial institutions (FIs) to collaborate, not only with consumers, but with multiple third parties, historically making home loans some of the most cumbersome financial products. With nCino, FIs can finally bring home loans into the modern age, uniting third parties and consumers on the same platform and creating delight at every stage of the home lending process. nCino's Mortgage Solution provides FIs with a complete and integrated solution that spans the entire origination lifecycle, from multi-channel application and pre-approvals through underwriting, offers and closing. FIs can manage customer and third-party relationships across home loans and other retail lending products, allowing them to manage the entire consumer portfolio with ease.

Closer Collaboration. Quicker Closing.

Screen of the nCino Bank Operating System

Simplify the home buying experience from pre-approval through underwriting, offers and closing.


Easily refinance utilizing existing data and documents for efficient underwriting and expedited closing experiences.

Online Applications

Configure online mortgage applications embedded with questionnaires.


Capture relevant borrower information and property details necessary to initiate the pre-approval process.


Generate and recalculate offers and sort pricing options by preference.


Pull credit scores and add debt, asset and income records for accurate and concise financial overviews.


Stay equipped with the tools to maintain compliance with regulations such as AML and capture necessary customer information including KYC, credit checks, property details and more.

Document Management

Capture all the necessary documents for the home loan lifecycle, including applications, property value assessments, income verification and more.


Leverage open APIs for partners and FIs to support additional third-party business functionality.

Partner Community

A collaborative platform for all third parties, including brokers, appraisers and other third-party vendors.

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