A Platform that Delivers Efficiency and Speed  

Spanning the entire origination lifecycle, from inquiry and credit decisioning through to settlement. nCino helps you eliminate manual processes for faster response times and a superior customer experience.  

  • Benefit from a consolidated tech stack  

  • Lower the cost of origination  

  • Achieve a faster time to decision 

  • Improve scalability  

  • 360-degree customer lifecycle view 

Designed for You

Provide a streamlined and personalised digital experience for a customer-centric home lending offering, with a platform you can configure to your exact needs.


Updates can be made quickly with no coding or vendor involvement required, allowing you to pivot and adapt to shifting market conditions as needed.

Fully Configurable

Real-time flexibility lets you make changes and develop on-platform so you can quickly react to market changes, customer demands, and new regulations.

Tailored to Your Exact Needs for a Platform Unique to You

reduction in time from application to completion

Seamless Integrations to the Wider Home Lending Ecosystem

"nCino’s Mortgage Solution exceeded the expectations of everyone in our organisation and will provide our borrowers and lenders with a personalised and integrated experience that is seamless, transparent, and simple."

Stephen Gorman

Chief Credit Risk Officer, RedZed

Efficiency Through Automation

Streamline workflows and automate manual processes to bring your mortgage business into the modern age and transition off legacy technology.

A Better Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations with faster decision-making, a personalised experience, and a more transparent process.