Enhance The Small Business Lending Journey

 With nCino’s Small Business Loan Origination System, entrepreneurs are empowered with a sleek small business loan application, underscoring the critical need for automation, speed, and efficiency in small business lending. Our Small Business LOS: 

  • Equips the borrower to apply online, in-branch, or seamlessly work between a combination of both, depending on their preferences and needs. 

  • Respects institution-specific parameters for automatic approval, decline, or recommendation for manual review to streamline the loan approval process. 

  • Automates pre-qualifications and credit approvals based on your institution’s policy rules for time savings. 

  • Utilizes machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) to automate the spreading of financial statements and tax returns via Automated Spreading. 

  • Simplifies the delivery and exchange of the applicant's documents, reducing friction in the application process. 

  • Consolidates separate systems into a unified, digital solution that’s both lean and robust for a streamlined small business loan workflow.  

Equip your institution with the future of small business loan origination. Enhance revenue growth, operational efficiency, and manage risk efficiently while delivering an exceptional customer experience.  

25 min

To approve a small business loan using Online Application and Auto Decisioning


in small business lending volume in 18 months


In loan processing time, down from 90 minutes to 5 minutes.

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By transforming their business and operating models and implementing an end-to-end digital platform, the economics of small loans become not only viable but also very attractive.

Alenka Grealish

Principal Analyst, Celent

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