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How the Cloud Helps Financial Institutions Adapt to Industry Changes
nCino Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering
COVID-19 And Its Impact on Your Allowance
nCino Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering
Fulton Bank Adopts nCino to Improve Customer Experience and Enhance Efficiency
Westfield Bank Snapshot
Westfield Bank Snapshot
In this Snapshot, discover how the nCino Bank Operating System enabled Westfield Bank to automate its processes and create new digital workflows that resulted in reduced loan decision times and an enhanced customer experience.
Westfield Bank Spotlight
Westfield Bank Spotlight
This Spotlight highlights Matt Berthold, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Westfield Bank. Matt shares how nCino enabled the Bank to reduce its loan decision times and provide an enhanced customer experience through newfound digital efficiencies.
Upgrading Experience and Efficiency: Retail Loan Origination System Market Overview
This report provides an overview of the RLOS market, examines the factors impacting financial institutions’ use of RLOS solutions, and identifies the differentiating features and capabilities offered by vendors that serve a broad spectrum of consumer lenders, from fintech startups to large banks, around the world.
Leveraging Two nCino Solutions for One Powerful Institution
Member Business Financial Services (MBFS) Snapshot
Member Business Financial Services (MBFS) Snapshot
In this Snapshot, discover how the nCino Bank Operating System enabled credit unions to meet urgent needs under the PPP provision of the CARES Act through a centralized, fully-integrated end-to-end digital platform.
MountainCrest Credit Union
MountainCrest Credit Union
With nCino's Portfolio Analytics Solution, MountainCrest Credit Union experienced reduced portfolio risk, stronger portfolio growth, and was able to generated reports faster with cleaner, more detailed data, enabling better regulatory exams.
The Future of SME Banking with Recognise and Mambu
Episode Five: Key Reporting During the Crisis
Westfield Bank
nCino Adds Three New Members to Its Board of Directors
Fast Banking and Compliance
Fast Banking and Compliance
In this white paper we discuss how both mounting compliance burdens and customer expectations for fast, seamless banking create two competing priorities for financial institutions, and how, with the right strategy, institutions can achieve both.
FIs Digitally Process and Approve Over $30 Billion in PPP Loans using nCino
COVID-19, Lending, and SMEs – Getting Ahead of the Wave
Episode Four: The Impact of COVID-19 on Probability of Default Models
Episode Three: Leveraging nCino to Implement the Paycheck Protection Program
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