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The Power of nCino’s Data Community


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Learn how joining the nCino Data Community can benefit your financial institution.

nCino has been a pioneer in cloud banking solutions for over a decade. During that time, we’ve helped our customers modernize their operations by embracing the cloud.

Now, with major advances in artificial intelligence (AI), financial institutions (FIs) once again have an opportunity to transform how they conduct business. And, once again, nCino is the trusted partner who can help them leverage these new technologies safely, securely, and effectively.

Cloud Banking Powered by nIQ

Applying AI to banking is nothing new for nCino. In 2019, as part of our commitment to innovation, we launched nCino IQ (nIQ), which empowers our Cloud Banking Platform with intelligent automation, data driven insights, and industry benchmarks. Today, our continued investment in nIQ has accelerated the use of advanced analytics and AI within the platform.

More importantly, we are continuing to grow our robust and secure data community that will drive the development of new intelligence solutions and continue to transform the financial services industry.

What is the nCino Data Community?

Imagine you had to write an essay on U.S. history. If you were only able to pull from your own experience of the country, the paper you wrote would be sorely lacking.

Now, visualize a scenario where you can access a range of experiences from a wide variety of people. The richness, depth, and comprehensiveness of your findings would give you the insights and tools to write a game changing essay. This is the value the nCino Data Community offers. By joining it, your financial institution has an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a rich data set, leveraged by nCino on your behalf to produce curated, relevant, and powerful insights and analytics, delivered precisely in the moments it matters most.

The nCino Data Community: Safe and Secure

Institutions from nCino’s global customer base that consent to being part of nCino’s Data Community will become the driving force for our newest AI-powered solutions. One example of this is our Benchmarking & Analytics Solution, currently in development, which will allow you to see detailed loan and deposit performance metrics for your institution and compare those metrics against relevant peers.

As we develop additional innovations, the integrity of your data remains uncompromised. We're dedicated to a controlled, responsible approach to unlocking this value over time, aiming to harness its potential without exposing customers to unnecessary risk.

Looking Ahead

It's an exciting era in the financial services industry. By utilizing industry-specific intelligence for data-driven insights, intelligent automation, and industry benchmarks, nCino isn’t just harnessing the power of AI; we're shaping the future of banking.

To learn more about nCino’s Data Community, watch our on-demand webinar now. To find out how you can join the nCino Data Community and be a part of the future of financial services, contact your CSM team today.