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How nCino is Bringing Generative AI to Financial Services

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI (Gen AI), has transformed industries in significant ways, and financial services is no exception.

Today, financial institutions (FIs) grapple with a myriad of challenges. These include time-consuming loan processing, disparate data sources, resource-intensive loan origination processes, and the overwhelming task of interpreting large sets of data.

At the same time, AI is unlocking new value streams for FIs, especially in the areas of efficiency and productivity, deal pricing and profitability optimization, credit risk management, compliance, and customer experience.

In fact, according to Accenture’s Commercial Banking Top Trends for 2024 report, 67% of working hours in the banking industry could be affected by Gen AI technology. Further research and analysis from Accenture suggest that leveraging Gen AI could uplift an average bank’s operating income by 20%, and banks that leverage Gen AI effectively could get a 22% to 30% productivity uplift.

It's clear that the opportunity Gen AI presents is too big to pass up. But how can FIs adapt to and unlock these value streams across their business? The answer is nCino’s Banking Advisor, powered by nIQ.

Banking Advisor: Generative AI Powered Efficiency

nCino’s Banking Advisor, powered by nIQ, harnesses the power of Gen AI to deliver real-time intelligence in the moments that matter most. This banker-focused solution is designed to assist with a wide range of queries, from credit policies to customer and portfolio insights, all while facilitating navigation of the platform with ease and efficiency.

The solution provides an interactive experience with any PDF allowing bankers to 'chat' with documents such as training materials or credit policies. Banking Advisor's narrative skill streamlines the drafting of financial documents, significantly reducing the time spent on this previously manual task. It also provides unique insights into pricing calculations to better understand profitability metrics. Lastly, Banking Advisor enhances document processing by effortlessly scanning and categorizing uploaded materials to the appropriate relationship.

Banking Advisor is both intuitive and dynamic, allowing users to streamline how they work with one click of a button embedded in the nCino platform.

Once implemented and adopted by the FI, Banking Advisor can:

  • Serve as a trusted, banker-focused digital advisor that streamlines key processes · Accelerate adoption and faster onboarding

  • Improve loan cycle and decisioning times

  • Minimize human error in credit memo development

  • Reduce manual workloads allowing staff to focus on value-added activities

  • Help bankers better understand pricing and profitability calculations and metrics

According to Accenture, automating initial credit memo narratives is one of the many ways Gen AI can deliver value to FIs. By automating this process, Banking Advisor not only optimizes operational efficiency but also empowers bankers to allocate more time towards engaging in high-value activities and nurturing client relationships. This is just one of the many capabilities the solution has to offer.

AI Isn’t a Moment. It’s the Future.

Banking Advisor represents nCino's unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering a modern, intelligent banking experience. It is poised to help FIs harness the power of Gen AI to turn challenges into opportunities and remain competitive as the financial services industry continues to evolve at a dizzying rate.

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