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CommerceWest Bank Automates Business Account Opening with DocFox

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Community bank simplifies and streamlines account opening for business clients.

IRVINE, Calif., Mar. 3, 2022 – CommerceWest Bank, the community bank committed to redefining banking for small and mid-sized businesses in California, today announced it has chosen DocFox to automate account opening for its clients.

CommerceWest Bank has a highly personalized relationship with each of its clients and combines this with a forward-thinking approach to technology, especially when it comes to banking businesses. The bank chose to introduce automation to remove manual efforts in business account opening, empowering its banking specialists to spend more time working with their clients to achieve their financial goals.

DocFox was selected for its ability to create unique workflows for every type of client the bank encounters, regardless of complexity. CommerceWest Bank embraced the ability to leverage document analysis and a robust integration capability to further simplify and streamline processes for its banking and operations teams.

“CommerceWest Bank is hyper-focused on redefining business banking for our clients, especially when it comes to the flexibility of meeting their unique needs. For our bank to continue to grow and provide this transformative experience, it’s necessary for our systems to deliver a streamlined, unified experience, right from the point of account opening,” says Ivo Tjan, Chairman and CEO at CommerceWest Bank. “We chose DocFox because of its ability to automate the previously manual process of reviewing documents quickly and compliantly, and for the exceptional experience we could continue to deliver on for our business clients.”

“Growing your bank isn’t possible without being able to scale both front and back-office processes in tandem,” explains DocFox CEO Ryan Canin. “With the automated workflows and powerful integrations DocFox delivers, CommerceWest Bank can continue to provide best-in-class experiences for any business client, no matter how complex the account.”

About DocFox

DocFox is the leading provider of automated business account opening software, used by over 250 financial institutions worldwide including banks, credit unions, and fintechs. DocFox uses intelligent automation to create a streamlined onboarding experience, simplifying and automating previously manual tasks for both applicants and financial institutions.

For more information about DocFox and to request a live demo, click here.

About CommerceWest Bank

CommerceWest Bank is determined to redefine banking for small and mid-sized businesses in California. Within an intelligently organized framework, we will provide flexibility, creating a complete, safe, and sound banking experience for each client, servicing owners and catering to their specific business and individual banking needs. We will work to accommodate our clients, rather than force our clients to accommodate us, providing high-quality, low-stress, and personally tailored banking and financial services. By employing a strategically selected team of experienced professionals, we will carefully shepherd the assets with which we are entrusted. In the process of doing so, we will maximize the financial potential of these accounts, ensure the stability of our institution, and deliver profitable returns, enhancing shareholder value.

nCino acquired DocFox in March 2024. Learn more about our capabilities in the commercial onboarding and account opening space here.