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Driving Efficiency and Faster Processing Across Santander International’s Mortgage Journeys

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Santander International's COO discusses how the company is utilizing nCino's digital innovation to support and transform communities, with a focus on reinventing customer interactions and streamlining processes for mortgage products.

We’re delighted to have partnered with Santander International in the latest edition of FinTech Magazine, where Will Wright, COO, discusses how Santander International is supporting the communities it serves through innovation and transformation.

Santander International’s digital innovation journey with nCino started in 2021, with a goal to reinvent how they onboard and interact with new customers, originate, and approve mortgage products.

With the nCino Cloud Banking Platform, a SaaS solution focused exclusively for financial services that provides a unique combination of scalability and adaptability, Santander International was able to replace manual processes and disconnected journeys across the lending lifecycle.

“Through this strong partnership, we were able to bring residential purchase and re-mortgage journeys live in six months, with buy-to-let following just three months later,” says Wil D’Costa, Mortgage Delivery Lead at nCino. “It’s really a testament to the collaboration between the two teams that helped ensure a successful delivery through a pragmatic and phased approach.”

nCino’s single platform provides a 360-degree picture of customer data and quickly surfaces all relevant information for a mortgage application in one place.

This ensures Santander International employees can achieve faster processing, reducing offline tasks and re-keying, whilst generating documents at the click of a button.

As a direct result of this transformation, Santander International found that use of nCino’s platform reduced time to offer on average by more than 50% and the speed offer letter creation accelerated from an estimated 3 hours to 30 minutes per case.

Now running end-to-end journeys across the UK, Jersey, and the Isle of Man, Santander International offers a consistent colleague experience for easier cross-team collaboration on a single platform.

“The core vision of combining agile cloud-based technology with direct customer interaction through the Work Café initiative has set Santander International apart from the competition, driving significant market share, returning customers, and nearly £1bn in new lending” says Sean Gunning, VP UK & Ireland, nCino.

nCino’s Mortgage Solution allows financial institutions to transition away from legacy architecture and remove manual processes that lead to high cost, inefficient operations.

In an ever evolving and competitive market, nCino gives institutions the ability to configure the platform precisely to their requirements and eliminate vendor dependencies.

This means lenders can make changes directly on the platform, and react more quickly to market shifts, customer preferences, and evolving regulations, while bringing products to market in a matter of hours, not months.

Read more about Santander International’s transformation in the latest edition from FinTech Magazine.