Maintaining Regulatory Compliance on a Single Platform

nCino was designed with regulatory compliance in mind. Through robust configuration capabilities, the nCino platform provides the tools FIs need to manage compliance with a variety of regulations. The appropriate employees at the FI have access to compliance-ready information, including detailed dashboards and reporting.

By leveraging nCino, FIs can assist in creating institutional transparency for the board, C-Suite, and executive management, who can then more easily manage critical regulatory concerns like capital requirements, relationship exposure, and policy exceptions. Regulators, examiners, and auditors can gain real time access to this information, thereby reducing examination times and business process disruption. Additionally, nCino is built with superior safeguards for FIs to confidently oversee sensitive information while meeting global regulations.

  • On average, FIs experience a 54% reduction in policy exceptions

  • Lowered compliance cost and risk

  • Decreased examination prep time 

  • Reduced operating expenses

  • Comprehensive data protection

  • Audit readiness

Audit Ready at a Moment’s Notice

nCino’s Cloud Banking Platform provides tools and integrations for FIs to independently fulfill global, national, and local compliance regulations. Built on the Salesforce platform, nCino is certified and compliant with the most rigorous industry-accepted security, privacy, and reliability standards, including SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, facilitating compliance with all critical security requirements.

Additionally, every activity in the nCino system is time-date stamped, enabling FIs to be audit-ready at a moment’s notice. nCino can also facilitate compliance in the following areas: 

  • Financial Crimes Prevention 


  • Reports 

  • Credit Management Information 

  • Consumer Protection 

  • Data Analytics 

Streamline Regulatory Compliance Requirements 

nCino’s Cloud Banking Platform equips institutions with reporting tools that effectively identify and analyze existing and potential credit risks. With these tools in place, the board and senior management can easily manage compliance policies and receive timely, meaningful, and accurate reporting in a format that clearly defines risks and make strategic lending decisions.

Internal and external auditors can also access the institution’s credit management information and reporting, achieving both greater efficiency and transparency. 

  • Safeguard against money laundering risks while maintaining a deep understanding of customers through reporting

  • Segment the institution’s portfolio into various populations to determine specific KYC compliance requirements with reports

  • Clone and modify existing reports for internal auditors, regulatory examiners, and compliance officers

  • Optimize the onboarding, loan origination, account opening and maintenance process for commercial and retail customers and employees through KYC/CDD questionnaires

  • Reduce bias in decision-making and help ensure consistent processes are applied throughout the institution using business process automation and nCino’s Loan Auto Decision

  • Provide examiners remote access to relevant reports, critical bank metrics, and loan documentation 

Explore Our Dodd-Frank 1071 Resources

Compliance regulations change rapidly, which can make staying up to date a challenge for financial institutions. Review the new Dodd-Frank 1071 ruling and explore our resources to ensure your institution navigates the new regulations successfully.


nCino is built on a reliable and secure system. We recognize the strength of nCino's support system and quite simply like the feel of the company and enjoy working with its people.

Rhonda Rester

VP of Operations, Univest Bank and Trust Co

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