nCino's Automated Spreading Solution

Reduce the Time it Takes to Spread Financials by 75%

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Accelerate Spreading with Intelligent Automation

Automate Tedious Data Entry
Streamline the Underwriting Process
Improve Financial Spreading Consistency and Minimize Errors
Leverage Data To Learn and Improve Over Time

The business of banking is extremely labor-intensive, especially in credit analysis and underwriting. Today, credit analysts spend hours manually rekeying data from financial documents into spreading systems. This decreases the time available for insightful financial analysis and results in lengthy loan underwriting times. nCino’s Automated Spreading, powered by nCino IQ (nIQ), intelligently transforms the process of spreading financials by leveraging machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR). With Automated Spreading, institutions can automatically interpret and extract data from financial statements and tax returns across two hundred languages and directly input the data into nCino’s powerful financial analysis tool, nCino Spreads. Automated Spreading reduces the time it takes to spread and process documents by 75%, accelerating loan underwriting and empowering credit analysts to develop a holistic understanding of credit risk, instead of painstakingly reentering data.

Focus on Credit Analysis, Automate Manual Data Entry

Desktop computer running the nCino Bank Operating System

Enhance spreading consistency by intelligently extracting both unstructured and structured data through powerful OCR technology.

Quality Control

Utilize line by line reconciliation and proactive identification of unclear data fields to maximize accuracy.

Document Capabilities

Spread financials including tax returns, audits, company prepared statements, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and other documents.

Easily extract data from uploaded documents in Document Manager, nCino's integrated intelligent document filing solution.

Machine Learning

Automatically learn from past user mappings and optimize efficiency on subsequent spreads.


Harness the power of Spreads, nCino's financial analysis tool supporting credit analysis with ratios, flexible templates, and trend analysis.

"Now, with nIQ, we've been able to drastically reduce data input time and fully digitize our credit analysis process to further increase speed and convenience. This has helped us bolster our data integrity, make better credit decisions and enable our employees to focus on more value-added tasks like relationship building instead of manual data input and analysis."
Jason Shields, VP and loan operations manager at Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

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