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How Busey Bank Leveraged nCino to Transform Processes


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  • Busey Bank has consistently been named one of the best banks to work for by American Banker. In order to improve its workplace even more, Busey Bank implemented the nCino platform.

  • Since implementing nCino, Busey Bank has seen outstanding results, including exceedingtheir treasury product implementation goal by 83.3%.

  • Learn more about the Bank’s success and future vision with nCino in the customer snapshot.

Busey Bank, a highly adaptive institution consistently named by American Banker as one of the best banks to work for, is paving the way for growth and innovation through its use of the nCinoBank Operating System.

Busey Bank implemented nCino across its Commercial line of business and later extended its use of the nCino platform into the Treasury Management Sales & Onboarding Solution.

In this snapshot, discover how Busy Bank leveraged nCino to transition from manual, email-heavy processes to a single, streamlined, digital cloud-based platform, which also allows the institution to more easily scale via mergers and acquisitions.

“(nCino) really transformed manual origination, credit and closing activities for the origination or renewal of commercial loans to an automated process. We went from doing a lot of the nuts and bolts manually, to doing it in an automated fashion.”

– Van Dukeman, Chairman, President & CEO of First Busey Corporation

Busey Bank has reaped multiple benefits since implementing the nCino platform, including:

  • Moving away from manual, email-heavy processes to a single streamlined digital platform in its Treasury line of business.

  • Hitting many of its Treasury goals and KPIs including exceeding their treasury product implementation goal by 83.3%.

  • Gaining visibility into the status of requests for treasury products, and allowing sales and support to work together to offer a more streamlined experience to their clients.

"Without a doubt, we experienced improved automation and transparency between Treasury Sales and Support.”

– Jeremiah Buaghman, AAP – VP and Commercial Deposit & Treasury Management Service Support Manager, Busey Bank

To learn more about how Busey Bank leveraged nCino to automate and expedite processes, download the “Busey Bank Snapshot."