Credit Union & CUSO Customers

With members at the heart of their mission, learn why credit unions and CUSOs leverage nCino to deliver member value and service.
Vienna, VA
Asset Size
$97 billion
Navy Federal CU
“With nCino, our employees can service members with key insights gained on the digital banking platform. We want to provide an experience that is quick, effortless and enjoyable.”
Dave Ledwell,
SVP, Consumer and Business Lending
Dearborn, MI
Asset Size
$5 billion
DFCU Financial
“With the addition of our Business Banking department and nCino, we can better support our members by being the only financial institution they need for life.”
Lesli Matukaitis,
Senior Vice President of Corporate Banking
Beavercreek, OH
Asset Size
$4.4 billion
Wright-Patt Credit Union
“The Bank Operating System allows us to focus on the right tasks, and frees up our team to serve members and grow their business with us.”
Scott Everett,
Vice President of Member Business Services
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Asset Size
$3.4 billion
Service Credit Union
“Moving to nCino supports our mission to automate manual processes across the institution, freeing our employees to focus on more strategic activities.”
David Weed,
Assistant Vice President of Business Services
North Highlands, CA
Asset Size
$2.9 billion
SAFE Credit Union
“With nCino we will be able to provide faster loan decisions and better solutions for our members.”
Colin Paterson,
AVP Commercial Lending
Benton Harbor, MI
Asset Size
$2.8 billion
United Federal Credit Union
“Our partnership with nCino may be one of the single most important decisions we will have made as a credit union.”
Gary Easterling,
Board Member and Retired CEO
Palo Alto, CA
Asset Size
$2.6 billion
Stanford Federal Credit Union
“nCino will help us deliver additional value to our members; granting our employees a comprehensive view of each member relationship and transparency into the loan portfolio.”
Becky Manasseri,
Head of Lending Systems
Corning, NY
Asset Size
$1.5 billion
Corning Credit Union
“With nCino, we eliminate manual tasks in favor of streamlined automation, all while increasing transparency within our organization and to our members.”
Todd Strong,
Supervisor of Commercial Credit Analysis
Ithaca, NY
Asset Size
$1 billion
CFCU Community Credit Union
“With nCino’s platform, we’ll be able to configure processes and workflows to best fit our institution’s unique needs. At the same time, the technology will create internal transparency and accountability around the status and ownership over each activity, allowing us to ultimately better serve our members.”
Cathy Benson,
Chief Lending Officer
Kalamazoo, MI
Asset Size
$573 million
Arbor Financial Credit Union
“By staying within a single platform, and not having to jump between several systems or worksheets, we will drastically streamline each loan's workflow.”
Kenny Leonard,
Vice President of Commercial Loan Services Systems
Portland, OR
CU Business Group, LLC
“We carefully considered the most cost effective solutions to extend quality service to our members. nCino’s platform accomplishes all of these needs; it’s a large toolbox filled with instruments and resources we can use in a variety of ways.”
Larry Middleman,
Trevose, PA
“nCino allows us to provide our member credit unions with one platform that ties together loan origination, document management and portfolio administration.”
Mark Ritter,
President and CEO
Tallahassee, FL
Member Business Solutions
“nCino gives us the advantage of speed and quality. Credit union borrowers ultimately receive better loans because they will be delivered faster, with more transparency and through smarter decisioning.”
Jim Gallagher,