Bank Customers Over $1 Billion

From regional banks to global enterprise banks, nCino's Bank Operating System is becoming the preferred solution for market-leading financial institutions.
Atlanta, GA
Asset Size
$205 billion
SunTrust Bank
“SunTrust has some pretty big plans for growth in the future and nCino is a part of those plans. The future is very, very bright. Not only for SunTrust, but also for our partnership with nCino.”
Pam Kilday,
Executive Vice President, Head of Operations
Birmingham, AL
Asset Size
$125 billion
Regions Bank
“The adoption of nCino’s technology supports our efforts to offer our clients a responsive, digital and insightful experience. ”
Nathan Davis,
Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation and IT Risk Management
San Francisco, CA
Asset Size
$80 billion
Bank of the West
“Cloud-based systems offer agility and scale to keep pace with market changes and customer needs. We are excited about the technology nCino has to offer and how it may impact our commercial bank operations.”
Augustin de Kerversau,
Managing Director
Wayne, NJ
Asset Size
$23 billion
Valley National Bank
“Ultimately, we believe that nCino will help us drive process improvement and customer-centric innovation for our commercial clients.”
Robert Bardusch,
Executive Vice President and CIO
Lafayette, LA
Asset Size
$21.7 billion
“nCino will deliver a holistic view of our client relationships from the convenience of one platform, allowing us to present more timely, personalized offerings and better meet clients’ financial needs.”
Mike Boyd,
Director of Strategic Risk Initiatives
Beverly Hills, CA
Asset Size
$21 billion
Pacific Western Bank
“Gaining first-hand experience with nCino through our Square 1 division gave us an advantage in evaluating and ultimately selecting nCino to improve processes, enhance the customer experience, and ensure future scalability. The nCino team is knowledgeable, innovative, and responsive, which combine to make them a valuable new partner to our enterprise.”
Mark Christian,
EVP-Operations and Systems Group
Blairsville, GA
Asset Size
$10.3 billion
United Community Bank
“The automation we get from nCino will be impact enough, but the bigger picture is having all parties work a loan from inception to finish in one place.”
Annemarie Murphy,
SBA Chief Operations Officer
Boston, MA
Asset Size
$10 billion
Eastern Bank
“We’re confident that nCino’s technology will help us better serve the people and businesses of New England.”
Matthew A. Osborne,
Senior Vice President
Tupelo, MS
Asset Size
$8.5 billion
Renasant Bank
“With nCino, we’ll have a more seamless, integrated experience that empowers us to better serve our clients and improve our lending efficiency.”
Zack Bishop,
CIO and Executive Vice President
Wilmington, DE
Asset Size
$6.6 billion
“With the automation afforded by nCino’s Bank Operating System we anticipate same-day approvals for small business loans.”
Glenn Kocher,
Senior Vice President and Director of Small Business Banking
Moultrie, GA
Asset Size
$6.2 billion
Ameris Bank
“nCino's capabilities and capacity to streamline our loan operations make it an extremely powerful solution.”
Andy Cheney,
President and COO
The Woodlands, TX
Asset Size
$4.8 billion
Woodforest National Bank
“nCino is a truly all-encompassing solution that will enable us to better serve our borrowers in a fraction of the time.”
Derrick Ragland,
President of Commercial Banking
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Asset Size
$4.7 billion
ConnectOne Bank
“As a technology-forward bank, we’ve always believed in investing in tools that help us improve processes to better serve our clients as they grow, and we found a natural fit with nCino.”
Frank Sorrentino,
Chairman and CEO
Springfield, MO
Asset Size
$4.4 billion
Great Southern Bank
“By leveraging nCino, we’ll be able to keep up with and support this new business by automating the loan process, allowing us to close loans more quickly and with more accuracy than before.”
Ryan Storey,
Director of Loan Operations
Toms River, NJ
Asset Size
$4 billion
Ocean First Bank
“The Bank Operating System allows OceanFirst to maintain customer relationships generated by our commercial lending division.”
Joseph J. Lebel,
Chief Lending Officer
Durham, NC
Asset Size
$4 billion
Square 1 Bank
“The nCino solution provides us with a flexible and extensible platform in alignment with our outsourced IT strategy.”
Jim Baxley,
Former Chief Information Officer
Clayton, MO
Asset Size
$3.7 billion
Enterprise Bank and Trust
“nCino's Bank Operating System is intuitive for employees and easily scalable for growth, making the entire process more efficient.”
Frank Sanfilippo,
Chief Operating Officer
Souderton, PA
Asset Size
$2.9 billion
Univest Bank & Trust
“We were drawn to the efficiencies to streamline credit decisions and file audits, which is critical to our bankers who are mobile and work directly with customers.”
Hugh W. Connelly,
President, Business Banking
Franklin, TN
Asset Size
$2.6 billion
Franklin Synergy Bank
“We selected nCino as the system to operate our bank because it streamlines operations and increases efficiency throughout the entire lending process.”
Kevin Herrington,
Chief Operating Officer
Leawood, Kansas
Asset Size
$2.2 billion
CrossFirst Bank
“Leveraging nCino's Bank Operating System enables us to confidently meet increased loan demand with more speed and productivity by reducing our reliance on paper and empowering employees to close loans more quickly and efficiently than before.”
Amy Fauss,
Chief Operating Officer
McAllen, TX
Asset Size
$2.1 billion
Lone Star National Bank
“One of the many things that we love about nCino is that you can track the loan lifecycle and know exactly what's coming down the loan pipeline.”
Gloria Guerra,
Senior Vice President
Albuquerque, NM
Asset Size
$1.7 billion
First National Bank of Santa Fe
“We had three legacy systems in place, with nCino we have one end-to-end loan origination system that could transition us into a paperless environment.”
John Asbury,
President and CEO
New Orleans, LA
Asset Size
$1.6 billion
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust
“Because of nCino, we’re empowered to better serve our customers, allowing them to apply for loans anywhere across any device, while also providing complete transparency into the process. The technology is allowing us to create a personalized experience and complete requests faster and better than ever before.”
Jason Shields,
Vice President and Loan Operations Manager
Wilmington, NC
Asset Size
$1.3 billion
Live Oak Bank
“For Live Oak Bank, the marrying of people and process in the nCino Bank Operating system has been POWERFUL!”
Neil Underwood,
President and COO
Johnstown, PA
Asset Size
$1.1 billion
AmeriServ Bank
“The transparency and efficiency the Bank Operating System provides will help us more effectively manage customers, and turn prospects into customers more quickly.”
Jim Huerth,
President and CEO
Oak Brook, IL
Asset Size
$1.1 billion
Inland Bank
“nCino allows us to streamline processes and develop best practices, taking loans from application to analysis, documentation, and servicing with unparalleled efficiencies.”
Colleen Ryan,
SBA Business Resources President