Industry-Leading Analytics and Insights 

nCino empowers institutions with the right mix of reliable business intelligence (BI), analytics, and monitoring tools so they can sift through data, maximize resources, understand risks and opportunities, and facilitate data-driven decision making efficiently and effectively. Our solutions include a Portfolio Management Platform and a Turnkey Mortgage Analytics Platform.

Portfolio Management Platform

The nCino Cloud Banking Platform offers a wide range of portfolio management capabilities to help FIs by equipping the right people with the right tools for monitoring and managing their loan portfolios at the right time. The platform's portfolio management features encompass the following:  

  • Loan Monitoring: The platform enables FIs to seamlessly track loans from origination to closure and provides a centralized dashboard that grants real-time visibility into the status of each loan.  

  • Risk Assessment: The platform assists in evaluating the risk associated with diverse loans and portfolios and incorporates analytical tools and reporting functionalities to assess creditworthiness, collateral value, and other risk factors. 

  • Portfolio Analysis: Institutions can analyze their loan portfolios using a variety of parameters, including industry, geography, and loan type. This analysis aids in identifying trends, patterns, and potential risks within the portfolio. 

  • Workflow Automation: The platform automates manual processes involved in portfolio management, such as document collection, compliance checks, and portfolio review/renewal. This automation streamlines operations and minimizes the likelihood of errors.  

Turnkey Mortgage Analytics Platform 

nCino's turnkey mortgage analytics platform delivers clear insights into mortgage lending data and provides actionable insights to increase productivity and efficiency, enabling FIs to deploy unified data strategies. Our cloud-based platform’s features include:  

  • Direct integration with loan origination systems (LOS)

  • Intuitive dashboards

  • Instant views of pipeline and performance data

  • Loan-level drill downs

  • Scorecards

Data-Driven Decisions

Let the data drive decisions at all levels of your organization. nCino's turnkey mortgage analytics offers the insights you need to compare projections to actuals, monitor employee performance, refine best practices, prioritize activities, and maximize employee productivity.

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