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  • Great Southern Bank has grown rapidly in recent years, prompting the Bank to search for a new loan process system.

  • The Bank chose the nCino Bank Operating System because of its ability to manage all aspects of its commercial banking process in a single platform.

  • Since going live on nCino three years ago, the Bank has continued to grow and make improvements with nCino’s continued support.

Great Southern Bank chose nCino's Bank Operating System to automate and streamline its loan process and has been live on the platform for three years. The single system has made the commercial loan process more seamless and efficient for both employees and customers.

With more than 100 offices in 11 states, Great Southern Bank has grown rapidly both because of acquisitions and organic expansions over the past several years. This substantial growth prompted Great Southern to search for a comprehensive solution to automate and streamline its loan process from start to finish.

By leveraging the nCino Bank Operating System’s Commercial Banking Solution and Customer Engagement Solution, Great Southern gained a single, cloud-based platform that manages all aspects of the commercial banking process and significantly reduced its number of software point solutions, making the loan process more seamless and efficient for both employees and customers.

In April 2021, Great Southern Bank celebrated three years of being live on nCino. By engaging employees early and making sure they understood how the transition to a new system would positively impact their day-to-day lives, Great Southern’s leadership inspired everyone in the organization to take an active role in the change and personally invest in its success.

Ryan Storey, Director of Loan Operations at Great Southern Bank, emphasized that the bank values having good partners and how nCino challenged them during the initial Discovery Workshop to dive deep into their processes and find roadblocks. He noted that nCino’s Support team continuously ensures the bank implements new features and product enhancements that will impact their users the most and keep the bank competitive, creating an honest and transparent partnership that Great Southern Bank values.

Ryan said that “It was during implementation that nCino told us ‘We don’t want to automate your inefficiencies.’ That statement still follows us every time we evaluate an internal process that could be improved in some way.” Now, Ryan and the team at Great Southern Bank make improvements each month since they are equipped with the right tools and resources to realize these enhancements.

To learn more about Great Southern Bank’s experience and partnership with nCino, download their customer spotlight now.