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Sunrise Credit Union’s Digital Transformation with nCino


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  • Sunrise Credit Union serves the Canadian market at over 20 branches with offerings in personal, agriculture and business services.

  • Sunrise began its journey with nCino by implementing the Deposit Account Opening solution to streamline account opening for its members.

  • Sunrise plans to implement nCino’s Retail Banking Solution and Commercial Banking Solution next to continue to improve the member experience.

Sunrise Credit Union, headquartered in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, serves the Parkland and Western Manitoba regions with over 20 branches.

Established in 2008 through a merger of five legacy credit unions, Sunrise offers personal, agriculture and business accounts to best serve its variety of members.

Kelly Scott, Vice President of Information Technology, is committed to the digital transformation efforts happening at Sunrise Credit Union. Sunrise adopted nCino prior to the COVID-19 pandemic to replace disparate and disjointed systems and improve the experiences of both its members and its employees. With the nCino Bank Operating System, Sunrise can create one streamlined workflow through a single cloud-based platform.

Sunrise began their nCino journey with nCino’s Deposit Account Opening (DAO) solution to streamline their account opening processes. As Sunrise continued to grow via mergers, they realized each branch had a different way of processing information and collecting data, and they needed to modernize—and standardize—their processes.

They soon realized that nCino could easily meet all of Sunrise’s needs at each branch. Now, their employees can focus more of their time and energy on building relationships with their members and better serving their needs.

Kelly Scott says, “Before nCino, we were using cumbersome legacy systems, none of which communicated with each other—this created many inefficiencies in our processes. With the nCino Bank Operating System, we streamlined our processes and have a new transparency across the Credit Union and a 360-degree view of our members.”

Sunrise will finish implementing nCino’s Commercial Banking Solution this fall and plans to adopt the Consumer Banking Solution next.

Want to learn more about why Sunrise Credit Union chose to partner with nCino and how they carried out a successful nCino implementation? Download Sunrise Credit Union’s customer spotlight.