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St. Louis Bank Selects nCino to Fuel Digital Transformation Stratrgy

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WILMINGTON, N.C., March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking, today announced that St. Louis Bank will utilize its Cloud Banking Platform to replace manual, disparate processes, boost operational efficiency and enable faster responses for an improved customer experience.

When St. Louis Bank concluded that manual processes within its loan cycle had become a barrier to delivering on customers’ rising expectations, they sought a technology solution that could quickly replace paper-based processes with automated workflows. While the Bank’s initial priorities also included gaining accurate, real-time visibility into its loan pipeline and simplifying portfolio management and compliance efforts, they also wanted a scalable solution with the inherent flexibility to support its long-term strategies and future growth.

The ability to add-on new nCino solutions and features – such as Treasury Management Sales and Onboarding, Deposit Account Opening and Customer Portal – appealed to the Bank’s management team who wanted a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution that could integrate with various third-parties. By selecting the nCino Cloud Banking Platform, St. Louis Bank is not only gaining the capabilities to address their immediate priorities, but a scalable platform capable of supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

“The culture of innovation that nCino exhibits was a huge draw to us since we aim to align ourselves with innovative, transformational and forward-looking companies,” said Travis Liebig, president and CEO of St. Louis Bank.

“Our current manual process simply could not have supported the future evolution of the Bank, and we’re confident that nCino will provide us significant upside in our growth strategies. Ultimately, we want to provide our associates more time and energy to focus on client interaction and relationship management where we can proactively provide services. The adoption of nCino will give our team members more opportunities to focus on what matters most – our clients.”

The nCino Cloud Banking Platform will provide insight into the Bank’s pipeline, workload and staffing needs, helping to remove the barriers of delivering on service level agreements both internally and with the Bank’s clients and prospects. In addition, nCino’s Document Manager feature will provide an integrated digital document repository where the Bank’s employees can easily store and share information, removing the inherent inefficiencies associated with current, paper-based processes. By introducing new, leading-edge capabilities and efficiencies, nCino will empower associates at St. Louis Bank with tools that allow them to focus more on serving clients and creating an optimal customer experience.

“We admire St. Louis Bank’s culture of continuous improvement and look forward to helping the Bank leverage the full power of nCino’s capabilities to achieve their goals,” said Paul Clarkson, SVP of community and regional financial institutions at nCino.

“By embracing automation and modern cloud technology, St. Louis Bank will be able to gain a competitive advantage, scale for future growth and provide the service and experience today’s customers expect.”

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