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Seacoast Bank Adopts nCino's Cloud Banking Platform to Enhance Business Processes

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Florida-based Seacoast Bank, with assets totaling $6.8 billion, has implemented nCino's Cloud Banking Platform to digitize its operations, including Commercial, Small Business Administration, Small Business lending, and Treasury Management sales processes. The adoption of nCino's cloud-based platform aims to improve the customer experience, enhance efficiency, reduce loan cycle times, increase transparency across departments, and support Seacoast Bank's broader digital transformation objectives.

WILMINGTON, N.C., Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking, today announced that $6.8 billion-asset Seacoast Bank has implemented the nCino Cloud Banking Platform to digitize its operations. Seacoast is using nCino to standardize its Commercial, Small Business Administration, Small Business lending and Treasury Management sales processes. Florida-based Seacoast Bank selected the nCino Cloud Banking Platform for its workflow automation, decision engine and business intelligence capabilities with the goal of improving the customer experience. The enhancements brought by the nCino platform support Seacoast Bank’s strategic digitization objectives by consolidating multiple point solutions onto a single, cloud-based platform. nCino is helping Seacoast improve efficiency, decrease loan cycle times and increase transparency across all internal departments as well as the Bank’s external partners and customers.

“We try to think about digital transformation very pragmatically,” said Jeff Bray, EVP of technology and operations at Seacoast Bank. “For our customers, digital enables them to access services and products through convenient channels so they can bank where, how and when they want. Digital tools connect our bankers with customer insights and opportunities that are driven by our own analytics. It enables workflow improvements that increase transparency and integration with customers, business partners and across business units. Finally, it reduces manual workload, enabling us to redeploy our associates to better serve our customers. nCino aides our digital transformation efforts for both our customers and our associates.”

“We are, and will continue to be, differentiated by bankers who leverage data and customer insights to deliver personalized service and needs-based advice,” said Charles K. Cross, Jr., EVP and commercial banking executive at Seacoast Bank. “While we will remain flexible to adapt rapidly to new technology trends, at our core we will focus on the broader themes that remain true for our customers: having their needs understood, connecting to our value proposition and accessing our services at a time and place convenient to them. Our partnership with nCino marks a critical milestone on our broader digital transformation roadmap.”

“Seacoast Bank understands that the key to remaining competitive in today’s market lies in offering their clients an end-to-end digital experience,” said Paul Clarkson, EVP – community and regional banking at nCino. “We’re thrilled that they’ve entrusted nCino to help lead them down the path toward digitization and further support their commitment to better serving their employees and customers.”