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nCino Opens New Entities in Spain and France


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  • nCino is strengthening its presence in the EMEA region by opening entities in Spain and France, along with existing offices in Germany and London, to further drive digital transformation in the financial services industry. 

  • The company is investing in hiring local product development teams with a deep understanding of regional regulatory challenges and client needs to provide innovative solutions tailored to each market's requirements. 

  • nCino's cloud-based platform is gaining traction in the UK and other European countries, with various financial institutions adopting it to enhance their digital banking experiences and streamline processes through smart automation. 

nCino, a cloud banking and digital transformation solutions provider, has expanded its presence in the EMEA region by opening entities in Spain and France, in addition to its existing offices in Germany and London. The company has also increased its workforce by nearly 50% and is focused on localizing its platform to cater to the unique needs of financial institutions in the region and drive digital transformation in the industry. 

Company grows workforce in Europe and localises the nCino Bank Operating System® for EMEA market with expanded product capabilities 

LONDON, UK – 17 March 2022 – nCino, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCNO), a pioneer in cloud banking and digital transformation solutions for the global financial services industry, has strengthened its presence in EMEA by opening entities in Spain and France to advance digital transformation of financial institutions in the region. The new entities are in addition to one previously announced in Germany along with nCino’s EMEA hub office in London. The Company has also increased its employee base by nearly 50 percent over the last year across Sales, Marketing and Product Development to drive further localisation of the nCino Bank Operating System® 


Driving Digital Transformation 

Digital delivery is a core focus in the financial services industry with the number of people banking digitally in EMEA increasing by 23 percent since the start of the pandemic (McKinsey & Company, 2020). This has left financial institutions (FIs) racing to deliver tailored digital experiences. nCino, through its agile cloud-based platform, provides solutions to improve the digital journey for clients and employees via smart automation across loan origination, client onboarding, and account opening processes. With steady client growth across the region, nCino has invested in hiring local product development teams, with deep knowledge of in-market regulatory challenges and client needs, to provide innovative new solutions that help ensure FIs receive localised products to help solve their unique challenges. 

Tom Byrne, Head of Product at nCino, EMEA said “We’re excited about our progress in EMEA and the work being done within the nCino platform to further localise it for specific regions.” 

“By reinvesting approximately 26 percent of our FY21 revenues back into research and development, we’ve been able to build market leading solutions for multiple countries across Europe. This includes recently launching an Automated Spreading feature, which can reduce the time it takes to spread and process financial statements by 75 percent, and which is being used by numerous customers across the continent. We’re also excited to bring a bespoke Mortgage solution to market for the UK and Ireland, which streamlines the mortgage process for lenders and brokers and creates a simplified and frictionless homebuying experience for borrowers.” 

Continued traction in the UK has resulted in FIs such as GBB, Recognise and Cambridge and Counties adopting nCino’s cloud-based platform as well as customers in new regions such as Germany (HCOB) and Denmark (kompasbank). 

“A year into my role as Managing Director, I’m excited by the momentum we’re experiencing and the demand for the digital banking solutions we offer. The teams we continue to build across the continent not only represent our culture but are also motivated by nCino’s mission of transforming financial services through innovation, reputation and speed,” said Jennifer Geary, Managing Director, EMEA at nCino. 

“As we look ahead, we know how important it is for us to understand and embrace the particularities of the markets we operate in, and we look forward to having nCino become even more known and recognised in EMEA through the success and value we deliver to customers.”