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nCino, a Global Company Based in Wilmington, NC, Makes an Impact on Its Community


In honor of Global Volunteer Month, employees in nCino’s Wilmington and Lehi offices took part in a series of impactful events, each contributing to the company’s mission of making a positive difference in the community. Employees rallied to volunteer in the community, thanks in part to one of our favorite perks—16 paid hours of volunteer time each year,to help support our favorite causes.

The month started off with a celebration at Live Oak Bank Pavilion, where employees, families, and friends gathered for the Work on Wilmington kickoff party. Featuring food, drinks, and music, attendees came together to energize and inspire each other for the upcoming projects.

April 20 was the18th annual Work on Wilmington - an annual event organized by Leadership Wilmington and serves as New Hanover County’s largest single day of volunteer service each year. The day brings people together to roll up their sleeves and tackle over 30 community projects in just four hours with a common goal: Make Wilmington a better place to live. The team focused their efforts on beautifying the campuses of three local schools: International School at Gregory, D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy, and GLOW (Girl's Leadership Academy of Wilmington).

"I'm truly grateful to be part of Work on Wilmington, lending a hand to our community…I feel incredibly fortunate to reside in Wilmington and have the opportunity to give back. Every chance I get to contribute to the community is a true privilege. It's also awesome to bond with folks while we're volunteering. Swapping stories and getting to know each other better adds to our time spent helping. Going there and seeing how we're making the environment better, then looking back on what we've done, is super fulfilling.” - Ian Norris, Software Engineer

nCino’s Women in Tech ERG has supported the Girl’s Leadership Academy of Wilmington for many years, and we were thrilled to partner with them once again through Work on Wilmington. Volunteers dedicated their time and efforts to enhance the campus of Glow Academy, aiming to foster a sense of pride and ownership among the students. The renovations were designed to create a visually appealing and welcoming environment, with the hope of inspiring academic excellence.

Midway through the month, students from Glow Academy had the opportunity to visit the nCino campus. They engaged with nCino leaders, received a tour of the facilities, and shared breakfast, strengthening the bond between the company and the local community.

Employees also came together for a "Sip-n-Snip" happy hour at HQ, working to cut fabric for blankets that will be crafted at the nVolve booth at nSight. The blankets are destined for donation to Levine Children’s Hospital, with intentions to spread warmth and comfort to those in need. At the booth, participants also created MadLib-style messages on postcards to be shared with young patients during their hospital stay.

nCino teams also made an impact in the fight against hunger in their community. Volunteers from the Credit Analysis team packed an impressive 4,000 meals for the Food Bank of Wilmington, ensuring that individuals and families in need will have access to nutritious food. nCino volunteers also lent a helping hand at the Novant Health Community Garden, tending to the plants and ensuring fresh food for those who rely on the garden for produce.

"The Credit Analysis team volunteered at a local food bank here in Wilmington…It was a nice surprise to see the nCino logo on the outside of the facility. I had no idea we were their sponsor before arriving there! We packed lunches for local students, who rely on them for days when they do not receive a school lunch. It was a nice way to make someone's day while having fun with the team." – Brian Mackle, QA Engineer

In Lehi, members of the Women nTech employee resource group volunteered at a local women's shelter serving breakfast and providing to those in need. nCino teams in Lehi also partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in Tecate, highlighting their commitment to providing safe and affordable housing for underserved communities.

Additionally, nVolve hosted the American Red Cross at HQ, providing employees with an opportunity to give back to the community through blood donation, conveniently integrated into their busy workday.

Throughout April, nCino and its employees demonstrated their commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond the workplace through community engagement.