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nCino Celebrates the Grand Opening of Bitty & Beau's


On January 7th, employees of nCino and Bitty & Beau’s came together to celebrate the grand opening of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee in nCino’s Headquarters.

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee has been a local favorite since they opened their first cafe in Wilmington, NC in 2016 with the goal of being an empowering workplace for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The founders, Amy and Ben Wright, are parents to four children. Their two youngest—Bitty and Beau—have Down syndrome, and their oldest is autistic. These experiences made them aware of the challenges people with disabilities encounter, particularly in finding employment opportunities.

Since opening in Wilmington five years ago, Bitty & Beau’s has grown to 23 shops across 12 states. Recently, they’ve begun partnering with corporations to open shops in their world headquarters.

“[nCino] is only the second company in the world who has stepped up and done something like this,” said Ben Wright at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “And it’s huge.”

To celebrate this exciting occasion, nCino employees and the families of Bitty & Beau’s employees enjoyed drip coffee and specialty muffins outside nCino Headquarters. Pierre Naudé, nCino CEO, spoke about nCino’s excitement for Bitty & Beau’s mission.

“At nCino, one of our core values is Respect Each Other,” he said. “We love Bitty & Beau’s not only because they have great coffee, but because of their mission to help people with disabilities become more valued and respected in their communities. Like Bitty & Beau’s, nCino was also founded in Wilmington, and we are so excited to partner with another local business and to be home to their newest location. We can’t wait to start our mornings with Bitty & Beau’s.”

The café is open to nCino employees and nCino visitors weekdays between the hours of 8am and 3pm. Bitty & Beau’s slogan is “It’s more than a cup of coffee”—and it truly is so much more.

To the incredible staff at Bitty & Beau’s: welcome to the team! We’re so glad you’re here!