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KeyBank's Unique nCino Journey

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Amy Brady is the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President at KeyBank, one of the largest retail banking companies in the United States. She is responsible for leading Technology and Operations, a division that comprises more than 5,000 individuals.

When Amy started her role with KeyBank in 2012, she brought a unique approach to problem-solving that impressed the rest of the C-suite. She recognized the need for a paradigm shift in the bank’s digital strategy that would transition the focus toward supporting business strategies that drive results through effective partnerships and an empowered, future-enabled workforce. This shift started KeyBank’s nCino journey, as they selected the nCino Cloud Banking Platform to fuel its digital transformation strategy in 2013.

In the years since, KeyBank’s partnership with nCino has been a key component of its digital strategy and continues to play a significant role in enabling the bank’s success. KeyBank started their unique nCino journey with nCino’s Treasury Management Sales & Onboarding Solution, which is not the solution most of nCino’s customers implement first. However, doing something different and blazing their own trail excited Amy and the team at KeyBank. Now, KeyBank has implemented additional nCino solutions including the Small Business Banking Solution, Customer Engagement Solution and Commercial Banking Solution.

Amy expressed that the partnership and the benefits of the nCino product gave the team at KeyBank confidence not only in the platform’s capabilities, but also inKeyBank’s abilities to take on some more complex processes. She said,“Moving to a cloud-based single platform approach really challenged us by breaking down our own internal silos and opening our eyes to see that this application could serve multiple segments and make us that much more efficient and effective.” Now, KeyBank is providing a way for its employees to proactively address the changing demands for skills and experience due to their increased utilization of technology and new ways of working, all while setting new goals for the future.

To learn more about KeyBank’s journey and future goals with nCino, download their customer spotlight now.