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Journey to a Single Sign-On Home Buying Experience

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  • Discover Genesee Regional Bank's journey to an enhanced home buying experience with nCino's Mortgage Suite.

Genesee Regional Bank was formed in 1996 to serve small business clients in the Rochester, Watertown and Central New York communities. When the community bank launched, it set out to meet the needs of their clients for today and tomorrow. From this original vision, the Bank has grown rapidly to become one of the leading mortgage lenders in the region, with more than$800 million in assets.

As the Genesee Regional Bank grew and mortgage technology became more innovative, it began to evaluate its mortgage needs.

GRB was introduced to nCino’s Mortgage Suite and the platform immediately stood out to the Bank.

“We sought out a solution that would help us evolve with the technology that was already beginning to change the shape of our industry,” said Joe Leone, Mortgage Operations Manager at Genesee Regional Bank. “In addition to the user-friendly aspect of nCino’s technology, one of the other reasons we chose the solution is we could see it was starting to think about the next step, such as disclosures and eClosings.”

Evolving with Technology

Though GRB already had an existing online application for mortgage applications, the Bank felt that it wasn’t efficiently connecting key stakeholders throughout the process. nCino’s digital solution allows its loan officers, customers and real estate agents to communicate seamlessly from point-of-thought to closing and beyond.

The single sign on nature of this solution also saves loan officers hours of time in entering applications manually, giving them more time with the customer. Customers are also able to easily access their application through the single sign on portal.

“One of the great things about nCino’s Mortgage Suite is there’s just one login for the customer,” said Leone.

“We use nCino for the application, our disclosures and our eClosings, and the customer is able to just use the one portal, whether it’s on their phone, tablet or computer.”

Simplifying the Process

By simplifying processes and leveraging more efficient digital solutions, with nCino, GRB has shortened closings to as little as fifteen to twenty minutes.

“From having the loan officer upfront being able to have the efficiencies of the customer input their own information to the document collection that happens through a secure portal, everyone in the mortgage process has benefited from nCino’s homeownership technology,” said Mike Pulver, Senior Vice President, Residential Mortgage Manager.

This allows borrowers to get into their new homes faster, which aligns with the Bank’s mission to serve its surrounding communities well and will allow them to continue serving them for years to come.

To learn more about Genesee Regional Bank’s journey to a simpler and more innovative mortgage lending experience, download their full customer success story.