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How Yorkshire Building Society Delivers a Modern Customer Experience with nCino

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Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is one of the largest building societies in the UK and is headquartered in Bradford, England. Since 1864, YBS has focused on fostering relationships with its loyal customers through the concept of TCF – Treating Customer Fairly. For YBS, TCF means providing customers with transparency before, during and after the point of sale and ensuring that their products and services deliver what they promise.

One of the reasons why YBS chose to partner with nCino is because the nCino Cloud Banking Platform could provide them with transparency into the commercial lending process and across their organisation, ultimately enabling them to better serve their customers. YBS knew that in order to stay current with customer expectations and maintain relationships they needed a solution that would allow their employees to do their jobs more efficiently. Before nCino, employees at YBS experienced mostly manual processes which included lots of re-keying and verifying information, and they needed a solution that could minimize these processes.

With nCino, YBS is now over a 90% paperless building society and staff spend less time searching for information on spreadsheets and paper records. Additionally, nCino’s Form Generation has made their business processes more efficient, and the Commercial Lending Department has reduced the amount of time it takes to produce offer letters and facility agreements for customers by 75%.

YBS now has more transparency into their customers’ needs than ever with a single place to access a 360-degree view of important customer information. Employees can access information about their customers with just a few clicks, make well-informed decisions and gain valuable insights into what their customers need.

Because nCino is built on a single platform, employees can access its commercial loan portfolio pipeline at any stage and in real time. Employees can easily create detailed reports of the data, while managers get a higher-level view. Management can view the workload and performance of the underwriting team and use this information to reallocate workload as needed. The consolidation of the information and streamlining of the workflow provides an efficient, secure and transparent environment where both documents and information can easily be traced and recorded.

We are proud to continue our partnership with a financial institution as forward-thinking as YBS, and to have them as active participants in our customer design program.

Learn more about how nCino has helped YBS optimise and digitise their commercial loan business processes to get real results by downloading the customer spotlight "Case Study: Yorkshire Building Society."