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How a Single Platform Improves the Success of Your Digital Efforts

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  • Forrester, a leading industry analyst organization, recently released a report introducing its digital measurement framework and metrics tracking advice.

  • Forrester’s digital measurement framework can help your FI keep track of organizational metrics and consider them in the appropriate context.

Forrester’s Vision: Measure Digital Success and Drive Profitable Growth report introduces Forrester’s digital measurement framework and shows financial institutions how to properly define the right metrics to track and improve the success of their digital efforts.

In this report, you’ll gain insight into what types of metrics your organization needs to measure in order to establish and successfully implement an effective digital framework. You’ll also learn which teams to collaborate with within your organization to ensure success and how to consider metrics in their appropriate context.

Read the complimentary report now to discover how Forrester’s digital measurement framework can help you:

  • Track performance, progress, and profitability

  • Measure four types of metrics

  • Track revenue, cost, operations, and customer metrics

  • Ensure the best team collaborations

  • Factor in interdependencies and identify and resolve conflict with nondigital metrics