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How nCino Helped American AgCredity Grow by 37%

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American AgCredit is a proud member of the U.S. Farm Credit System, both founded in 1916. Today, the cooperative serves a diverse clientele of farmers, ranchers and rural customers across its network of 32 branches. American AgCredit offers loans, lines of credit, leasing and crop insurance products and serves capital market customers in all 50 states.

Between 2015 and 2019, American AgCredit’s loan portfolio grew from $6.5 billion to $11 billion, reflecting a significant increase in transaction volume. The team at American AgCredit quickly realized that their current loan origination system was struggling to keep up with the volume. Dustin DeBusk, Head of Credit Management, said that the bank’s original loan origination system made entering information a challenge and did not integrate well with the bank’s other platforms.

The agriculture lender evaluated their business needs and found that they needed a system that could streamline the data entry process and support the future growth of the bank. With a large, geographically-dispersed branch footprint, American AgCredit also needed a solution that could handle the special challenges of a decentralized lending operation. Additionally, the solution had to meet the specialized regulations and customer needs unique to the agricultural lending industry.

American AgCredit heard about nCino from peer lenders in the Farm Credit System who suggested nCino would be a good fit for American AgCredit’s needs. They found that the nCino Cloud Banking Platform provides an end-to-end digital solution that combines industry-leading functionality, flexible configurability and an intuitive and user-friendly interface built on the stable and proven Salesforce platform, which would support American AgCredit’s phenomenal growth and expansion across a large geographic territory.

American AgCredit decided to implement nCino initially in its retail business lending operation, which serves customers with up to $750,000 in total borrowings. The lender went live with nCino in December 2019 and had an overall successful implementation.

Since employing the nCino Cloud Banking Platform in its Retail Channel, American AgCredit has seen its loan transaction volume increase by 37% and transaction counts grow by 22% year over year. Overall, the co-op has strengthened their culture of collaboration within the institution and has improved their customer service experience.

To learn more about American AgCredit’s nCino journey and their results, download the full case study now.