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How Huntingdon Valley Bank Found Success with nCino


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  • Huntingdon Valley Bank has served the Philadelphia market for over 100 years, and recently implemented nCino to ensure it stayed competitive in a changing market.

  • Hugh Connelly, Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer at Huntingdon Valley, steered the Bank throughout its digital transformation with his years of experience.

  • The Bank’s most recent nCino implementation of Commercial Pricing & Profitability Solution has automated multiple processes, allowing the Bank to save on time and increase convenience.

Huntingdon Valley Bank is a community bank that has served the suburban Philadelphia market since 1871. In 2019, the bank adopted nCino's Commercial Banking Solution and Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution. These solutions have helped the bank to improve efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Huntingdon Valley Bank has served the suburban Philadelphia market’s consumer and commercial banking needs since 1871. In 2019, Hugh Connelly joined the team as Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer to facilitate the digitization process and assist the Bank in attaining its commercial lending goals.

Hugh Connelly was an early and enthusiastic adopter of the nCino Bank Operating System dating back to 2013, and had already helped three other institutions implement nCino. At HVB, he led the adoption of the nCino Commercial Banking Solution, and soon after added Commercial Pricing & Profitability. HVB is now live on nCino’s Commercial Pricing & Profitability solution, enabling smarter pricing decisions throughout the entire commercial deal lifecycle and maximizing profitability based on polices and financial targets.

“I really love what nCino is doing. I knew nine years ago this was the change I needed to build a sustainable business in the digital age, and nothing’s changed my opinion on that.”— Hugh Connelly, EVP, Chief Lending Officer of HVB

Because the Commercial Pricing & Profitability Solution is automated, employees at HVB no longer have to log into multiple systems and manually pull data. Not only does this convenience increase efficiency, it also improves the accuracy of information and lessens the likelihood of errors by repeating inputs. Meanwhile, data-driven insights help create a feedback loop to ensure numbers are accurate, fresh and timely.

“That is incredibly powerful,” says Connelly, “because now I can show outside auditors, my board and anyone who asks where my numbers came from and prove their accuracy and precision... That level of data-driven insights for relationship profitability and analysis really has never been available until today.”

To learn more about Hugh Connelly and Huntingdon Valley Bank’s success with nCino, download the full spotlight.