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4 Steps to Implementing Commercial Banking Technology While Keeping a Human Touch

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It is possible to implement technology in your bank while maintaining the human touch. Commercial bankers know their business is different to retail.

Retail account opening software is shaving about 13.2 seconds off your online account opening time while avoiding any human interaction to keep costs down.

The fact is, commercial banking is different because it isn’t about automating human beings out of existence. It’s about relationships, and the good news is that relationships are what make community banks great. That’s your competitive advantage! You know your customers better than any large corporation could dream of knowing theirs.

We recently published an article with which discussed easy steps on how Commercial Banks can enhance their relationship-driven approach with technology.

As a summary, the article discusses how the 4 steps below can help you evaluate and meet your tech needs while keeping your client relationship at the center of what you do.

The steps include:

  • Step 1: Understand Your Current Client Experience

  • Step 2: Map Out Your Internal Processes

  • Step 3: Determine What the Ideal Experience Looks Like

  • Step 4: Prioritize the Most Impactful Improvements

For more information on these steps, you can read the full article here.